Hysteria or autistic silence

The prospects to win in the Banlieues voices are low. Maybe the French politics has so little good ideas on the topic

the "problematic zones" will not be touched by the French campaign. The two coarse rivals are mainly about the economy to update the Mitterand model (Hollande) or the German model à la Schroder (Sarkozy). To what extent an update of politics in the Banlieues is the necessary goods, is a question that seems to survive the right populists.

The reason for the absence of the Banlieues as a topic is in the calculus, the commitment in the election campaign does not pay attention, Klart Le Monde. Although the inhabitants of the "Zones Urbaines Sensible (Zus)" A total of about 10 percent of the inhabitants of France, but the quota of those who do not go to election is almost traditionally high in the prejudices. To do this, how experts turned out to make a conference that many quotarian dates are not gross around the staff of party politics. That will be perceived as a distant world, explores a policy professor.

Hysteria or autistic silence

Clichy Sous-Bois (Chemin of the post office). Image: marianna. License: CC-BY-SA-3.0

For example, it seems to be particularly worthwhile for the parties to put themselves on the stuff on site. Even the FN, the party Marine Le Pens, stop there there. The prospects in the Banlieues votes to win are low. This also applies to Sarkozy.

But there are the coarse national topics where the Banlieues play an important role, for example in youth unemployment, security and housing construction – completely decided at the huge project of the renovation of the cities (renovation urbaine, Anru), whose volume is now between 40 and 50 billion euros be attached. There is then talking about the problem quarters, but hardly so that new findings or even exploitation can be expected.

During the right side tilts, the topic "Pre-fed" To hysterize, prevail on the left "Autistic silence", Diagnosed Gilles Kepel in a reading interview. Kepel is a political scientist who has made a name for itself as an expert of political Islam worldwide. His last published work Banlieue de la Republique examines the life differences in the pre-estimates with a considerable intellectual care, which preceded years of local studies.

Problem in the center of state development

The Banlieues are not a peripharic phanomenon, but one that is emblematic for problems that appear in the center of the development of modern states – it’s good and advisable; To look more closely, so you could put the appeal KEPELS. This refers to both a theoretical, such as a concrete effort. Thus, Kepepen draws attention to the fact that the public transport links between the pre-estates and the center of Paris are so bad that the commuting for the inhabitants of drugs becomes a serious hurde. This is another moment that the decoupling between the "problematic zones" and the rest of the country questioning.

Like others, Kepel sees in working life the key to integration, training and school are essential important. However, if this is only insufficiently implemented, it remains with half-hearted promises, the chance can tilt into a risky situation. The bigger rage against the French society, at KEPELS studies turned out, the Banlieue residents revealed, who did not find a job despite high school graduates.

"For you, the talks about the republic has become to Logenreden", so cheese. The rejection strongers the impulse to bring back into an Islamism that works as a substitute ("Islamisme de substitution"To). If school knowledge does not help, the school will be devalued and has no more moral authority. The French politics obviously did not yet pretend, talenters from the USA and Qatar (Qatar invested in the French pre-estimated) show at least other possibilities.

Empty school cantines and closures

Already in the school cantines, the devaluation of the schools in the behavior of the residents read, observes Kepel. The food rooms were often empty. That is why the school cantines did not offer a Halal food, the families were preferred to eat their children at home.

According to Kepel Schools should adapt their offer. Once because it is important that the relationship between the schools and the residents remains intact and is not degraded. On the other hand, Keppel sees an emancipatory project in the Halal movement – in analogy to "Bio-trend" or vegetarianism. A new generation was thus tasting a new Islamic lifestyle, which is well noticeable to his differences to the old.

The fact that the headscarf or the veil at the entrance to school is made to the routine in contrast; From this problem, the heater air is out, even if you follow this rule rather than you have understood you. The problem that politics has in a coarse framework relocates Kepel to the understanding and political interpretation of liability. From the residents of the Banlieues, Lichigatis is understood as a combat concept that is directed against Islam. Since you have to do some educational work until the principle of lainted can be included in the penalty. Unlike 1905, there is no longer a separation, but about intergration. Must make sure that Lichicitat may be a matching factor for this.

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