Highway games for kids & adults

Play highway games: Ideas for your trip

You are in the car on the highway and you are looking for a cool game to pass the time? Then we have just the thing for you: 13 highway games for kids and adults that you can play without any preparation or material. Among them are some classics, some own games for the car ride and of course a scavenger hunt.

Unfortunately, we know it too well: a car ride can be quite boring for children and adults. This is especially true if you are going on a long vacation or traveling long distances to visit friends or relatives. If a traffic jam comes into play, the highway becomes a test of nerves for kids and parents alike.

Time commitment: 30 minutes
Suitable for: on the road, highway, train, travel, vacation
Where: car, train

13 Highway games for kids& Adult

Here, I’ll introduce you to 13 highway games you can play in the car on a whim. Besides these spontaneous games in the car, I have another creative treat for you: If you are still planning your trip and want to secure yourself with a great highway game for kids, check out our highway scavenger hunt! A lot of fun!

1. I see what you do not see.

A simple game where you turn the car into a playground without any materials.
Game duration: 5-10 minutes
Here’s how to play the question game:
Someone starts this game by secretly picking out an object in the car and describing it in more detail round by round until the other players (drivers) have guessed it. Typically, each sentence is started with “I see something you don’t see and that is…” (z.B. Blue). If the object is guessed, it is the next player’s turn. When I was a kid we used to play this game all the time on the highway trips.

2. I pack my suitcase

The classic against boredom during the car ride. Cool: The game trains the memory.
Game duration: 5-10 minutes
This is how the brain game for kids goes:
In turn, things are listed that are packed into an imaginary suitcase. Each player must correctly list all of the previously mentioned items (in the correct order or jumbled) and add one of their own. The next player must then also add this to the list and name a new item himself.
The game ends as soon as someone forgets an item.
Ideal for trips on vacation, as swim trunks and sunglasses fuel the anticipation.

3. Hangman

With this on-the-go game, you’ll need a sheet of paper and a pencil.
Game duration: a good 10 minutes per round
This is how the game goes:
A person thinks of a term and makes as many lines on the sheet of paper as there are letters in the term. The other players are shown the sheet and have to guess which letters are in the word to finally guess it.

But be careful: every wrongly named letter becomes a gallows part, on which the male hangs if the word is good (and the outcome is not good). For children of school age a great highway game, because often particularly tricky and rarely used words are victorious.

A really difficult word for hangman is motor vehicle liability insurance. Just as an idea&

4. Count cars

A simple game of madness: counting cars on the highway.
Game length: until you can’t or don’t want to anymore.
This is how the game works:
During the trip, have the kids count all the cars they see in the one. Optionally, this game can be varied by counting only passed cars, trucks or motorhomes. Colors are also good.

5. Find license plate words

The well-known highway game to prevent boredom.
Game time: After 20-30 minutes it gets boring.
Here’s how the search game works:
Scan the license plates of passing cars on the road with your sharp laser eyes. Find some that make a word? For example, MA-NN-309 results in the word “man.
A great and entertaining game for children of elementary school age. But for me as an adult it is still fun and I am always happy about “KA-X”.

6. Teakettle

As a fantastic children’s game for on the road! I played it for the first time in elementary school and still sometimes find myself looking for good teakettles today.
Game duration: 5-10 minutes
How the question game goes:
Tea kettle are words that have multiple meanings, for example, block (for writing, for living) or mine (pen, mining, war tool) or, of course, the tea kettle itself.
One player thinks of a teapot that is as tricky as possible and presents it with a feature each round. If the remaining players do not know what the letter is, they get the next clue.

A nice game for on the road, where you don’t need more than a little brain power – ideal for a long ride on the highway or in the train.

7. City, country, river

Another classic for a long car ride (or train ride) with boredom setting in! For me one of the best games for on the go. Unfortunately you need material.
Game duration: 30 minutes
That’s how the game goes:
Each player needs a sheet of paper and a pen. Before starting the game, categories need to be set, typically you use city, country, river, but also celebrity, animal, plant, etc. are possible.
One player starts the game by going through the alphabet in his head. The other players call “Stop” and determine the letter for which the correct representatives of the categories have to be found. The first to find everything wins the round.

8. Form 2-word sentences

A popular game from internet forums and long bus rides – perfect for teens!
Play time: 15 minutes
Here’s how the game works:
In turn, each player says two words that add up to a sentence. A funny story often develops at the end. Example:
Child 1: The elephant
Child 2: has at home
Mother: just ours
Father: Carpet vacuumed.

9. Know city license plates

As a child, I used to drive my father crazy with this game on highway trips: Where does this and that car come from? Which city belongs to which license plate? As a policeman, he of course knew just about every license plate number – and you?
Game duration: As long as the kids are having fun
This is how the game works:
Try to locate as many license plates of passing cars as possible. With cities like Berlin, Munich, Mannheim and Co, this is of course not hard to do. But what if HD, MKK or LWL passes by? Whoever knows the answer first, calls it out. Ideally, you’ll have internet access so you can google license plates in a pinch. Without internet, you can only play with what you know.

10. Guess distances

This game is suitable for teenagers and adults and is known from “Schlag den Raab”. It’s too heavy for kids.
Duration of the game: 30 minutes
This is how the guessing game goes:
Estimates the distance of two consecutive license plates – or rather the cities they come from. This is especially fun if you don&#128521t know the license plates; What you need: Internet to research the cities (if necessary) and Google Maps to calculate the distance. Google Maps also works offline, by the way, if you don’t have Internet while driving. The winner at the end is the child or adult who has accumulated the least mileage distance.

11. Black Stories puzzle

Tricky puzzles and fun games to ponder on the go (from test report).
Art: Brain game
Game Duration: 30-60 minutes
Here’s how it works:
Moses Publishing’s brain games (or puzzles) are well known in the form of Black Stories. These are not only available in a morbid, creepy version for adults, but also toned down for kids.
In this game, players have to guess an obscure story by asking questions. An organizer answers them with “yes” and “no”, so that at the end the crazy-fun course of events becomes clear.
The cards are manufactured to a high standard, cost around 10 euros and fit in any glove compartment. More details with pictures in the test report.

12. What am I puzzle

A great brain game that I also like to use for scavenger hunts.
Art: Mind game
Play time: Depending on..
How the game works:
A child thinks about an object, a person, o.a. and describes this. The other players have to guess what the game is about. Described from the point of view of the object. You can find examples all over this page, puzzles especially tailored for driving in the car can also be found in my highway scavenger hunt.

13. Scavenger hunt in the car

Of course there is also a corresponding scavenger hunt in the car. How it works and what you (don’t) need for it, you can read in the article about the highway scavenger hunt.

So, thanks to these 13 travel games, you’re now spoiled for choice and I hope you have fun in the car (or on the train, of course). If you remember any games from your last long car trip, feel free to post them in the comments.

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