Hellboy, sin city, umbrella academy etc.: dark horse comics grundet games studio

Hellboy, Sin City, Umbrella Academy etc.: Dark Horse Comics Grundet Games Studio

The US Comic and Manga Verlag Dark Horse wants to enter the business with video games and founded a private playground studio for it. With concrete titles Dark Horse Games can not wait yet, but the company refers to the rough range of own content and does not just want to develop games themselves themselves, but also award licenses to developer studios. Accordingly, Among other things, AAA title based on comics from the house Dark Horse, which includes the rights to Hellboy, Frank Millers Sin City and 300 and Usagi Yojimbo.

Filming and series now games

Dark Horse Comics was founded in 1986 and in the meantime was the third-groamed comic book publisher in the USA. From the two undisputed lace riders DC and Marvel, the publisher initially raised himself by the fact that authors could hold the rights to their figures and universes. Father also set the publisher in English translations Japanese manga. In addition, the publisher has some successes with comics to popular television series and cinema films, which are like Alien vs. Predator even credited his own franchises. The Umbrella Academy pays for the younger successes of Dark Horse, which now runs as a television series at Netflix.

During Dark-Horse already has many experiences with the television and cinema market, it looks different with games – even if it is about games to Alien vs. Predator or Hellboy gives. This should now change, with titles for mobile platforms, consoles, PCs and the Cloud. First content has already been developed, ares Dark Horse Games, but does not name names. While the studio itself wants to concentrate on the old and less known content from the house Dark Horse, well-known brands should be licensed to other studios so that they can develop based on high-cared titles.

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