“Hate speech” and the “sparrow” from game of thrones

The British Minister of Interior, which the HATE speech regulations has been displayed, has been displayed under this reproach

In the series game of Thrones Sets the Konigmutter Cersi Lannister a group of fanatics, the "Sparrow", against political rivals. In doing so, they gives them so much that the fanatics turn into themselves. As similar, the British Minister of Interior Amber Rudd went one in July "Hate-Crime"-Presentation plan presented and now has to be displayed with this reproach.

The display rejecter is the physics professor Joshua Silver in Oxford teaching. He considers that in a speech on a Tory party meeting umvesting Rudds to British company, helping to help jobs, which could be done by British or Northerniren, do not go to foreign workforce than "Hate-Speech"-exertion. The Western Midlands police shared on Silvers display, they handle their access to one "Hate incident" Below the criminalness threshold.

"unkindness" is enough for display

After compensation of the guidelines too "Hate Crimes", The Rudd himself infected, policemen in the UK, even then, if an ad is based only on the subjective perception of the display regenerative and objectively no discrimination or insult can be recognized. Therefore, even trap of unfriendliness are displayed as Hate Crimes. This contributed to the number of HAT-Crime ads in the United Kingdom and is now over 170 daily. Another important reason for the increase is that such ads can also be made anonymous and with a few minutes of effort over the website true vision.

Underneath there are trap as Kevin O’Sullivan, which was only displayed because a third thing was a conversation between him and a friend in a train and talked about one of his view of women’s tiny wording, he even attacked Sullivan mostly physically attacked. His information according to the attacker did not want to report first, but it became from the police "encouraged".

18.000 Euro lawyer costs until the acquittal

Because in the meantime it was clear that the indicated the designated name had not been used for a woman, but for a homosexual acquaintance, came to a criminal proceedings for allegedly Homophobe Hate Speech. After Sullivan converted about 18.000 Euro invested in good salaries and could prove that the display player was able to prove that the display provider said the untruth when he claimed that the displayed had tucked his cellphone and claimed he wool "call his gay lawyer", he was acquitted after one and a half years, which also contributed homosexual characters, which confirm that he is not homophobic.

Since then Sullivan looks like "Victims of a hate crime industry", with the elites "create a reality that you do not find" And with the police and justice you can demand more staff. As the Frankfurt General Zeitung (FAZ) because of the "tough" Sullivans demanded the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC), she gained the impression that "the police seems to have no interest", to deception this prematurity. This impression of documents in which it is called, the increase in Hate-Crime ads is 18 percent alone last year "promising".

Germany: Lammert demands minimumstrafmab

In Germany, the government coalition will gradually become the British role model and has become aiming media reports on new maps to evaluate "Hate Speech and Fake News" agreed in social media. BundestagSprasident Norbert Lammert explained to the West German General Zeitung (WAZ) "Lack of slander, insults and immediate hurricity Vorber politicians" [Highlighting TP] "in no way acceptable", Why it is for "Hate Comments […] give a minimum sentiment [should] to take prosecutors and judges the opportunity to propose criminal proceedings due to alleged insignificance".

At the University of Salzburg, the local red-green student council has placed unearthly mabstabe, which also put the British display points in the shadow for unfriendliness: There is art in a "Gender Watch protocol" held, who, if they are on this subject area, the "Eyes twisted", "not speaking to gender", one "Sexist word message" power or "Demonstrative SMS writes".

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