Graphics card geforce rtx 3000: nvidia starts countdown for the end of august

Graphics card GeForce RTX 3000: Nvidia starts countdown for the end of August

NVIDIA points out a concrete date for the acquisition of new desktop graphics cards: Vital GeForce Canal on Facebook, Twitter and Co. Interpret under the Hashtag "#ultimatecountdown" On the 31. August 2020. An eight-know teaser video shows a supernova. Newly inserted channel banners speak of "21 days. 21 years."

Graphics card GeForce RTX 3000: Nvidia starts countdown for the end of August

NVIDIAS NV10 graphics chip of Geforce 256 – at that time with just 17 million transistors.

The banners has Nvidia on 10. August updated, 21 days before the 31. Day of this month. On 31. August 21 years ago Nvidia announced the very first GeForce graphics card. The then GeForce 256 was for the first time with a transform-and-lighting coprocessor therefore, which relieved the CPU and allowed a multiplication of the displayed polygons in games. The underlying NV10 GPU combined with 220-nanometer technology around 17 million transistors on 111 mm² Chip plant – today’s graphics chips use Aberilliard transistors. In front of the GeForce graphics cards, NVIDIA guided the brand name Riva.


In the comment ranges, such as Twitter, users already juggle with the numbers. Thus, the product results from 21 × 256, for example, 5376. Exactly so many Shader’s computers are said to Nvidia’s amps graphics chip GA102 for the upcoming top model, possibly in the form of a new titanium offshoot. The cross sum of 5376 in turn results in 21. Whether the new series is actually GeForce RTX 3000 or yet GeForce RTX 2100, remains to be seen.

Nvidia was allowed to envision at the end of August AMDs "Big Navi" Previous, which the chip manufacturer wants to imagine by the end of the year. Nice detail: The first graphics chip from the new Radeon generation should be on the code name Navi 21 horen.

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