Google threatens australia with shutdown of the search

Google threatens Australia with shutdown of the search

Thirtgebardes in the dispute over the Australian Media Law called News Media Bargaining Code: Google explains to switch off his search, the law should not be adjusted. "Taking our services in Australia from the market is the last thing Google and I liked – especially as there is another way", Has Mel Silva, created for Google in Australia and New Zealand, said in a senate sorehoration. For the "other ways" Google fights for a while – and thus against the law.

The law states that Google publishers must pay a kind of licensing material to display content, for example previews of search. With each publisher you have to negotiate it individually, at non-agreement decides an arbitral tribunal. Here are the sticking points that Google liked to avoid. On the one hand, the Arbitral Tribunal did not have sufficient foundation to measure the value of content. Footage for Google to an universal risk.

On the other hand, Google probably also does not taste that you have to go into conversation with all publishers. Instead, they were also happy to import their own model of Google News Showcase in Australia, which cooperates with individual publishers and paid these publicly unknown licenses. According to Silva’s speech that is transcribed in the Google blog, there are already seven publishers in Australia, with which one has agreed for the news showcase solution.

Uncertainty about paying left

Another criticism is, according to Google, that provided in the law, not only to pay for previews, but also to pay directly for links. "The links, for which we have to pay, are so little defined that we do not realize what it believed", it is called in a blog post. In the news media bargaining code hyperlinks are listed with the note that it is about one "To use" For Google and Facebook goes. Without links and previews there was no search engine, says Google. To have to pay for it, affiliate the basic principles of the internet.

However, the Australian government has already made the conclusion that forwarding by Facebook and Google must be met with the negotiations, so just the linking to the accounts of IT giants suggests.

By the law, because of their coarse for the time being, only Google and Facebook affected, but in the legal text, however, is expressive about that other services can be added. Facebook had already threatened with the jerking from Australia, should the law come. Both companies always emphasize what added value their services for people. Google even submitted an economic report, after the Google’s services overall have an impact on the Australian economy in high $ 53 billion.

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