Google’s advertising dish: that claim the plaintiff us states

Google's advertising dish: That claim the plaintiff US states

"Google has repeated and shameless antitrust law and consumer protection laws broken. being mode operandi is to monopolize and twist the facts", Homes in the introduction of an antitrust lawsuit on Wednesday, "Google uses its power position on all sides of the market for online advertising to illegal competitors unlawfully. In addition, Kuhn claims that ‘we will never sell your personal data to anyone’, although the entire business model is targeted advertising."

With the application introduced on Wednesday at a US Federal district court, Ten US States sued Google for abuse of his promotional monopoly including insider trading with advertising and formation of a kind of cartel with Facebook. Google does that in agreement, an opinion Facebook is not yet available.

Countless prematurity

The description begins in 2008, shortly after the competitive workhorage FTC Google Grunes had given light for the use of the online advertising service provider DoubleClick. Google will soon have broken promises against the FTC and the US Parliament. Since then Deal Google on all sides of the market: at advertisers who have to pay for emerges, with operators of websites and apps who also have to pay bodies, and in the handling of the advertising representation over a Borse, where there are still higher warrants.

On such advertising bushes, advertisers offer in real time for the display of their advertisements in browsers and apps of the enduser. First, Google Webseitenausers have prohibited to work with more than one borse. Because the revenue of the websites larded, they found another way: header bidding.

Header bidding

At headers bidding, not a promotional server, but a JavaScript in the user’s browser of several advertising bushes opened the possibility to offer for advertising. The advertising server of the website operator (usually the Google Ad Manager) then has renowned. For the website operators this was lucrative, but Google have seen his skins swimming away

Since then, Google should visit with high effort and success against header bidding. First, it allowed the use of several advertising bolts – but should secretly have his own borse win, even if a foreign bid was high.

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