Google restricts apps for stalking

Google restricts apps for stalking

Google presented new rules against misleading for the App Store Google Play on Wednesday. They apply from 1. October. Twenty days later, stricter rules are added for stalk knew. In addition, Apps for chuckspiel or sports betting a state bank of Brazil are allowed. So far, Google is greeting and betting in France, Great Britain and Ireland. But if such apps do not recover over Google Play, allow even minor missions.

Stalkerware commonly serves the secret monitoring of the Gerateaer. Advertising for secret GPS trackers as well as programs that serve the secret monitoring of adults gives Google since 11. August not anymore. Now google play. Code, the personal information carried out without adaquate information or consent to third parties and no persistent warning is from 21. October with Google Play unquestioned.

The monitoring of children and employees continues to use Google, if allowed in the respective country. But it is required but also a permanent note as well as an icon that clearly marks the app. In addition, these apps are not marketed as espionage or superimposed.


At the same time, a ban on misleading via identities occurs. Apps and developers can not spend more than someone different. It is equally inadequate to disguise or form the country of origin, property or primary purpose of an app or developer access.

For apps whose contents refer to politics, social ies or matters of public interest, all must have "important details" as well as the identity of developer and app be disclosed. In particular, Google blends coordinated approaches with other apps, websites, developers or accounts to hide such information.

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