Google reacts to home office experiences and build around

Google reacts to home office experiences and build around

Google wants to redesign all workplaces in the medium term. So they should be adapted to the new profits of the employees, which result from the experiences with the Corona crisis and the home office and have shown. Google boss Sundar Pichai wool "Hybrid model".

The Business Insider refers to an interview of "Time 100" with Pichai, in which he from one "other kind of work" speaks. Hybrid is therefore a more flexible design of the work, in the Buro and home. So it should continue to give personal meetings and the community flavor is still important to make simple problems loose. "We therefore see no future with 100 percent work in the home office", says Pichai. He refers to the new solution as "on site", At the staff will come to the Buro and find a place.

Employees want hybrid solution

That the decision for the transformation has already fallen, is also because Pichai might give the employees planning security. Missing security Again is on the productivity. Work from home came to stay. A study among the employees have shown that 62 percent of the employees mean, they only needed to come from and to the Buro to make their work. 20 percent even stated that they do not need that.

Google had already announced to work all employees from home by July 2021 from home. This should the nearly 120.000 people more flexibility may be possible. Similarly, other IT corporations are available. SAP has also released the HomeOffice until the middle of the next year. There are currently only about 2000 of the 22.000 employees in Walldorf come to the workplace. Facebook has stood a home office possibility at least by the end of the year.

A study by the health insurance Dak revealed that the HomeOffice is quite less stress and higher productivity. Many respondents said they could better connect work and family. The commuting to the job is also available to the advantages mentioned. At the same time, the lack of separation of job and private life is also a difficulty.

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