Google publishes construction box for android game development

Google publishes construction box for Android game development

Google has introduced the Android Game Development Kit (AGDK). In addition to some tools, libraries, which should support Android developers and developers when creating games for the operating system.

Integrated workflows, compatibility and update

In the construction kit, according to the blog entry, three aspects are in the foreground: it is designed to provide libraries that have been developed and tested in terms of performance with C and C ++ APIs. In addition, Google plans to keep the libraries integrated in the AGDK via multiple Android versions compatible. Check-on updates bring the functions of the Development Kits to the current state.

This first version of the AGDK lays the focus on Integrated Workflows, C / C ++ game libraries and the optimization of performance. Google intends to allow the blog post to allow the development of Android games in the development environment (IDE) used by the users. The fewer developers have to change between different tools, the better, is apparently the motto.

A bridge between Java and C++

Various games and game engines are written in C ++, while the programming language Java is used for the Android development. To make both languages compatible, developers apparently access a Java Native Interface (JNI) back. This in turn requires effort and can bring bugs or pits in performance. AGDK is intended to help users in creating and applying gaming engines by providing game libraries for programming language C which minimize the use of Java and JNI.

Further information on Google Construction for Android game development can be found in the article on the Android Developers Blog.

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