Giro accounts: first comparison portal started by payment account law

Giro accounts: First Comparison Portal started by payment account law

The first independent and free website for comparison of current account costs is available online. Bank customers should thus get more than two years after the entry into force of a law on the comparability of accounts more view of the emergency. According to information of the DPA DPA, the TUV Saarland granted the Comparison Portal Check24 the certification.

Check24 built according to own information for a separate checking account comparison, which gives consumers overview of more than 550 providers. "We are very proud to be certified as the first comparison website for giro accounts according to the payment account law", said Rainer Gerhard, business drivers at CHECK24. Consumers, among other things, find information about the high of dispute interest rates, accounts and bonds for credit cards at the individual offers.

"Compared are the terms of all major private banks as well as more than 80 percent of the savings banks and folk and Raiffeisenbanken measured at the balance sheet total. There are also nearly all direct banks", Thorough Gerhard. From his point of view, it would be good if there is more information for consumers, for example about new customer discounts, the check24 at his cooperation partners display. "But it takes a central database that is best created by state", said the manager.

Anonymous query

At the same time he emphasized: "Bank customers have no information to check24 when using the page. The query is anonymous." The company hopes that consumers who use the comparison website at CHECK24 are also interested in other products of the Comparison Portal. Check24 Receipt of providers if consumers are with you with you with you.

Thorsten Greiner, business drivers of the TUV Saarland stressed, check24 involve all legal requirements for a free, objective and transparent comparison. The provisions on the implementation of a corresponding EU directive were on 31. October 2018 in Germany entered into force. Consumer protections had criticized this from their view to slow procedures for determining a comparison website. In addition, they had pointed out that even a public side has been possible to benefit.

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