Gigaset smart doorbell: smart video turkling line with recording function

With the Smart Doorbell One X, Gigaset offers a video tone for your own smart home system for the first time. In addition to a live stream in Full HD on the smartphone Gigaset also allows chargeable, cloud-based recording. In addition, the video turkling ring with the Nuki Smart Lock 2 can be.0 connect.

Tur from the distance

As a result, it is possible not only to recognize the person standing in front of the tur, but also from the distance to open the door via smartphone. The camera can also be integrated by cloud in Gigaset’s own smart home system, Gigaset Elements,. Gigaset relies on a WLAN connection (802.11N).

The energy necessary for the operation refers the smart doorsell one x over the wiring of the previous Turklingel. An additional power source, such as a battery, is not required.

The Gigaset Turklingel has a full HD camera as well as microphone and loudspeaker for an intercom function. An integrated motion detector as well as an infrared night vision function also allows the monitoring of the entrance area. The inventive area (viewing angle of 115 ° horizontal and 57 ° vertical) can be defined in the app. Recordings stored in the cloud have a lower resolution (1280 × 720p). The cost of the additional cloud offers depends on the number of integrated cameras and recording length. The Gigaset Smart Doorbell One X also can also be integrated into the systems of Philips Hue and Alexa.

Gigaset’s smart home system includes various packages and individual products, such as heating corperthermostats, monitoring cameras and tur / window sensors.

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