Germany on (driving) course

Germany on (driving) course

3. Panzerbatillion at the Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018. Image: dod

NATO coarse association against Russia

At their "daily" Performing at the Munchner Security Conference in early 2014, the then Federal Prosident Joachim Gauck asked, flanked by Ursula von der Leyen and Frank-Walter Steinmeier, no less than a paradigm shift in German Aufen- und Militar Policy. Germany should "Culture of military access" have been able to position themselves clearly Ofter (military) on the World Handle, the then Embassy, who has since seen the German security debate since then (we are the good).

The German NATO policy of the following years should not remain unused, first occasions were already on the NATO peaks in Wales (2014) and Warsaw (2016), where a number of Russia-directed rusts of the rust were adopted in which Germany almost everywhere locally positioned at the forefront. The next important steps were then initiated in 2018 – the NATO crisis response initiative as well as the adoption of the benefit profile of the Bundeswehr. Both are about the construction or. The provision of Bundeswehr Grossbunden for clashes with Russia, over the end of the year new information on the state of implementation.

Germany: NATO spearhead

After the escalation of western-Russian relations in the course of Ukraine crisis, the first important course for a final solidification of the new Cold War met with the NATO summit in Wales in September 2014. For almost all projects in attacked projects, Germany played a leading role: the fast engagement force of NATO (NATO Response Force, NRF) was from 13.000 to 40.000 soldiers increased and growing up the construction of a 5.000 Man strong ultra-fast engaging force (Very High Readiness Joint Task Force, VJTF) decided what came first under German lead. At the same time, the manovality was massively increased, whether it was decided to clearly expand the Multinational Corps North-East in Szczecin among Polish-German Guest, so from there (since June 2017) and manobevers within a scope of up to 60.000 soldiers can be run.

At the NATO summit in Warsaw then in July 2016 in the form of permanent troops of the final step on the Rubicon. Under the term "Enhanced Forward Presence" was decided to permanently station four NATO battalions (à 1000 soldiers) in more closely close to Russia. Thus, the NATO-Russia file from 1997 and the commitment contained therein, NATO will not permanently stationify substantial combat troops in Eastern Europe, translated, in fact – and again under substantial German participation. So the NATO troops are committed to Poland from the USA, Estonia of Great Britain and in Latvia of Poland, during the Bundeswehr in Lithuania, the NATO battalion stationed there.

The feverish activities of the Federal Government were registered and commented on the conventional evil. Under the completely unacceptable interconnection "Germany’s military awakening" For example, for example, the FAZ ied a praising testimony:

Germany presents itself on the NATO summit in Warsaw with new self-mortal. Forgot decades of political and military access. Now Berlin is about the active co-design of the global order. […] the new threats from the Russian aggression policy in the East and the Islamist terror in the south of the NATO Bundnis area have initiated the Federal Government to give up the culture of political and military accessibility, which was a covenant bid of German political lead in decades.


The completely outlined by the rudder was later in an unpretentious "From the reliable partner to the pulse generator" changed, the message of the article remained the same. And in the following years Germany was further striking to stay in the driver’s seat of NATO.

Reaction Initiative (4×30)

The next important station was the NATO conference in Brussel in July 2018, where two other projects with central German participation were decided. It was once the reaction initiative (NATO Readiness Initiative, NRI) – also "4×30" called. Where the subcirculation comes from, this passage of the final document of the conference will be seen:

From the total pool of dispute, the composites will add up to 30 coarse combat vessels, 30 heavy or medium infantry platelets and 30 fighter plane scales with support penetrations in a reactivity of 30 days or less.


After that, it was first a little quiet about the initiative, whose quotas in addition to the already available to 40.000 Soldiers to be mobilizable to be mobilized. A report published in the Stuttgart news, but again underpin the prominent role of the Bundeswehr in this context:

Germany supports the pursuit of NATO, via more fully outlined and trained troops within short response times. For this, the Bundeswehr reported around 7200 soldiers for the […] Standby Initiative of the Bundis (NATO Readiness Initiative, NRI). […] As a purpose of the NRI, it has defined that a high proportion of the troops present in the NATO states is to be able to contribute to a short response time of the federal government. In addition, the mobility of these troops will be improved within Europe and over the Atlantic Ocean.

Stuttgarter newspaper

The Bundeswehr thus not only represents around a quarter of the troops for the reaction initiative, also as far as the logistics are concerned, she plays a wiring role. Because around the "Agility within Europe" and above all the fast laying ability towards Eastern Europe "to enhance", was decided at the NATO meeting in Brussel as the second important initiative of establishing a logistics command in Ulm (Joint Support and Enabling Command, JSEC). In the final recognition of the conference, it brings concrete:

We also encouraged far-reaching decisions to adapt the NATO command structure – the military backgrad of the bundry – and strong. […] We […] establish a joint support and Enable Command (Joint Support and Enabling Command) in Germany for the awareness of the freedom of surgery and maintenance in the jerk-friendly room to support faster transports of troops and equipment, through and from Europe.


The JSEC should be fully functional only at the end of 2021, but already with the NATO accompanying manovals for the US grobulation "Defender 2020" Play a role in April and May 2020 – Germany is where the goal formulated in the conception of the Bundeswehr of July 2018 aims to act as a planning center and logistics hub for the way to the east:

The role of Germany as a possible basis for operations, back-waiting field of application and hub of support provides requirements for the national territorial commissioners (NatterrbnbH), which, in particular, in terms of responsibility, guidance organization, coordination with and support by third parties, resilience of the overall system and the power for the Domestic protection including the territorial reserve to be fulfilled.

Conception of the Bundeswehr

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