German children’s aid calls for offenses

With the call, the controversial organization possibly made itself punishable

After the plan of the Federal Minister of Family Affairs "Blocking" Children’s pornographic pages have caused a protest storm, they now jump the German children’s aid to the side.

The Internet community has recorded success in recent weeks: the massive response to the contested grid barriers allegedly to serve the protection of children from abuse and sexual violence have made it to television. Very benevolent was reported on the protests, especially on the Internet petition and the initiative of abusing headers against Internet locks.

Television helped the concern of the Internet users on the tension, and this positive ruck coupling, this fragile bundis between the old and the new guide medium did not like all. Minister of Economics to Guttenberg quickly wanted to commemorate the supports of the petition as people who remember the righteousness in his arm, and for some time the German children’s aid for the locks à la from the Leyen drums.

With polls, press releases, signature lists should be bent to the audience that the family minister intended to do exactly the right thing to do. However, German children’s aid has a belimental problem, and not only since yesterday. It is not only about a well occupied close to the commercial company 3 W GmbH and general opacity for the finances of the association.

The too tailor-made coordination of privileges of children’s assistance with the projects or flesh exercises of politicians lit doubts about the alleged neutrality of the association.

You can see the support actions of the children’s aid for the Internet locks à la from the Leyen also in a certain tradition, the tradition of the partisan for the CDU. And as far as the general state remote and neutrality is concerned, the fact that children’s aid should be their main office in the house of the Federal Press Conference at the Berlin Schiffbauerdamm, for a frown-frowning. The species in which the children’s aid loves their view of the things of Infratest’s most dividing, always think of manipulation.

Recently, children’s aid reveals an idiosyncratic legal negative. After your website was technically superseded by unknown side, you love talking that people who are able to do it more at children’s porno sites.

One could now hold this idea for a rhetorical collateral damage, where someone in the zeal of battle says something he is regretted. Tall, however, the children’s aid for self-judiciary. First, once in Germany’s passport of child pornographic pages, which automatically represents a criminal offense under circumstances. Second, to suppose foreign computers, and several paragraphs of the Criminal Code could be relevant, such.B. The paragraphs 303a, 303b, 202a and the famous "Hacker paragraph" 202c.

So, therefore, any script kiddies or even serious programmers for this kind of burger defense be inspired by the statements of children’s aid to create this kind of cyber-burger arm, then they were with certainty in court. Whether this court was bidding to them because of the good intention of mitigating circumstances, the question was still very concerned. And last but not least, the call to criminal offenses itself is a self (§ 111 StGB) – but was not yet initiated against the child aid despite the in-house investigation principle applicable in Germany.

Beyond the legal aspects, it is very surprising that children’s aid is used for the foreseeable useless blocking strategy from the Leyens, but recommends expert computers to take effective maws. It may be possible for this shirt-sleeved idea to the project from the Leyens to entrust the BKA with the creation of blocking lists, which remain secret, so no public control is subject, and of which the Federal Minister of Justice Brigitte Zypries suspected, they could not only be lightning fast relate to child pornography.

If the minister now spans children’s aid before their carts, or the child aid of the minister serves as auxiliary pros? Hard to say, and basically not important. The arguments of the minister are not better due to the fragile achievement from the house of the Federal Press Conference. Of course, the reasoning of your opponents is not unproblematic. Because the demand, instead of blocking the pages, seal the servers on which they are perfectly correct, but should also be accompanied by the usage that they equal to a revealing equivalent: the web can not regulate themselves, there is obviously content In the net, which the censorsch. In addition, it does not always seem to be easy to get to really all the servers around which it works.

The reasoning of Christian Bahl, the former abuse, which has positioned himself against the Leyen, is out of focus. If he says that the planes of the Leyens are structurally equal to the coverproofing behavior in abuse families, then that’s not right. The Minister wants to speak of child pornography, but uses the topic of not only unpleasant, but also a danger to self-profiling. Of course, one can speak of an instrumentalization of abuse sacrifices, and Bahl’s right.

Anyway, the problems with the argumentation of the grid bolt opponents are petitesses compared to the lights that the state is doing here. At the youngest Bundestaganhorung on the laws of law, the network activist Alvar joy was adopted to have 60 children’s porn pages from the network within two hours, not by new laws, police demazia or hacking, but by simple e-mails to the providers.

Against this background, the BKA can actually only recommend writing more e-mails instead of making secret lists with the websites to be blocked and the appropriate monitoring climate. With her new child protection law, wife was just bathing by the Leyen.

The German children’s aid is difficult to emport, as not otherwise expected. As far as the draft law is concerned with the internet locks, the talk is now the talk. Better goods still, he immediately landed in the storage round / final.

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