Gemini 2: duplicatefinder for the mac overwears file system live

Gemini 2: DuplicateFinder for the Mac overwears file system live

The well-known File Management Helper Gemini has been published in a revised version that brings a number of practical innovations. The tool primarily serves to find twice-existing files on the Mac – and the independently of the filename and even about media and content libraries. With Gemini 2, this should be significantly accelerated, at least if you allow the app to run in the background.

No lengthy offline scan more

Normally, a scan of the system with Gemini takes at least minutes – with rough hard disks or SSDs also several quarters. But then a deep scan is carried out, which is usually difficult to find duplicates also reveal in Apple Music / iTunes as well as the photos app. Even similar-looking pictures are found.

Mac brakes with too little space

Gemini 2 comes now with a real-time duplicate monitor. This monitoring the file system. If a double file is found, you get a notification. From this off, the file can then be inspected, immediately move or ignore the trash in the trash. Although Apple’s file system APFS internally dominates a cloning function in which file copies are no longer positively written twice on SSD. Nevertheless, even on APFS Macs, there are still undoubted duplicates that can slow down the system, if no longer equal space on the system drive is available.

One-way purchase or subscription

Gemini 2 accelerates the offline scan, is compatible with Macos 11 Alias Big Sur and has an improved interface. The app costs 20 euros in the year when using a Macs, 45 euros are fally for the one-time purchase. Alternatively, it is also part of the App Abodienthe SetApp, which costs $ 10 per month and also offered by MacPaw. Currently contained in 200 Apps for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

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