Future congress: support for e cars and autopilot

In order to provide electric cars in the city centers flat-covered, according to experts and managers state aids are upgraded. By the year 2050, it will be technically possible to drive only with purely electrically operated vehicles in the urban space, Professor Hans-Jorg Bullinger said from the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft on Tuesday at a Future Congress in Hanover on the subject of mobilitat. "I believe that electric fleets come quickly in the inner states – but it will not go without demand."

Even for light commercial vehicles, financial incentives will be necessary, such as Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Eckhard Scholz, who were organized by the company together with the city of Hannover expert round. The question should be, whether until 2050 the public, scientific and economic initiatives will be meaningfully gorgeous, warned Bullinger. It is important to take the burgers "with this process".

Growing population prere in the city, an aging society, new life concepts: The mobility in the city of the future stands against new challenges, said the head of Group research at Volkswagen, Jurgen Leohold. "The volume of transport growth worldwide," he stressed. The city planner responded to the rapid trend of stadding with different concepts.

Unmistakable, however, the trend is the "smart car", which is communicated with its environment and be controlled by autopilot. But the automated driving will be an evolutionary process. The precursor to today’s parking assistant. The citys must develop their traffic concepts according to Hannovers Oberburgermeister Stefan Schostok (SPD). Hanover should face new challenges as a "center of the mobilitat" with customized transport and mobility concepts.

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