Frost mix

Frost mix

Stuttgart, 14. November 2014 – these days the windscreen cleaners are taken to the assortment for the winter again in many places. The prices are as different as the quality, with expensive not necessarily be good, as a test of society for technical monitoring (GTU) shows.

Concentrate vs. Prefix

The best news in advance: None of the candidates are suspended in antifreeze, most of them even the information of the manufacturers. Only Aral, Nigrin, Stickmeier and Robbyyrob were minimally under the specified temperature limits. The second surprise in the test concerns prices: The ready mixes are almost all significantly favorable than the concentrates if you only consider the price per liter. From the idea of saving money with its own mixture of cleaners and water, is still not fundamentally wrong, because the cost per cleaning is not in any case high. Since the Sonax concentrate with 19 cents / cleaning undercuts all competitors, although it is by no means cheap when comparing the liter prices. For comparison: With the prefixed mix of Shell, the 70 cents costs – which is natural at 3.5 Euro / liter highest price per liter.

Concentrate front

As a test dirt, a mixture of rub, siliconeol and surfactants was used – a real challenge for winter window cleaners. If the dirt does not always load immediately, then the windscreen wipers only lubricate only. Here is the test winner, the concentrate "antifrost Clear "by Sonax, best off. He reached two wiping cycles with five wiper pouches each. The worst competitors had not yet done their job after ten cycles. This also influences the cost per cleaning process.

Not pure

In the test, however, it was also about smell, handling and user manual. To the latter pays the note that you should not use the concentrates pure. In the criterion handling, small containers, excavation aids and child-safe closure add additional points. Self-resistant disk cleaners should also leave no damage to paint or plastic and show no troublers when mixing with hard water. Here the Prufter certified all cleaners good to very good properties.

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