Fridays for future – and what is not in the textbook

Fridays for Future - and what is not in the textbook

Fridays for Future demo on 27. September 2019 in Erfurt. Image: Tobias Moritz / CC-BY-SA-4.0

From the "Measureness climate" and the idealistic use for that

The 25. September is another "Friday for Future" With a global climate. This occasion is the following attachment, which is divided into two parts. Here the first part.

"Sorry I Can not Clean My Room; I Have to save the planet", was a slogan of the Friday Schulerdemos. Even though the coquet is said, it is already said that the youth in the climate protest wants to save nothing less than the planet from which she "No version B" knows – so pursue a humanity of humanity means. And it’s first correct that the immense damage of the climate and other livelihoods, which collectively cause the individual profit-oriented economies, do not make physiological differences in the genus, neither to their state limits. Also, the scientific analysis z.B. of the greenhouse effect of this anthropogenic Causes of the natural disconnect.

National climate policy

But with that, the consideration of the climate as a human ie is factually over, because from here everything arrives at Which People OKonomic, political and social or social or. on the pages of the polluter or those affected by this damage. Already at a hurricane in the Caribbean, with and without an alleged proportion, the people depends on a lot of whether they are Z.B. living on Cuba or Haiti or what kind of dwelling you can afford.

What a Durre is based on whether it concerns medium-sized subsistence farmers in Africa or the capitalized agriculture of Australia. When the thawing permafrost floor in the Arctic region is a curse or blessing, differentiates u.a. then whether the anthropos has an inuit settlement or one of the corporations and ministries, which has been prospecting for ten years the duten landscape on the degradation of fossils and mineral raw materials or on an agricultural production.

Similarly, for the ice-free North Passages, the possible alternatives to Suez or. Panama channel completely new business ownership covers and in addition to global trade routes, geopolitical conditions re-emphasize and wealth or. Reverse poverty. In this way, the different and opposed livelihoods on the ‘a planet’ quite a few, versions B ‘and below.

Nevertheless, or therefore, therefore, the protesting schoolers are called on the rough words, which the politically responsible persons indeed stranded and worldwide to explain the climate to a humanity task par excellence. Also the "Friday" Appears the globe and the future concerning concern of such irreversible – "This movement had to be created, we had no choice." (Greta Thunberg almost history philosophically in the FAZ V. 16.3.19) – that they emphasizes themselves up partnership and in the well-understood interest of all social groups. In doing so, they could certainly note the fact that they are summoned by very different, interest-relevant or enemy nations.

Around Climatic Pubble it can not go. The Fiji archipelago fears an increase in sea level, which such islands as a problem situation – but no longer in the means of precaution – sharing with Holland, but not with land-enclosed states. China wants to gain its metropolitan centers the upgraded breathing air for further enforcement on the world market and at the same time bring themselves into a top position in terms of electro-mobility – may appreciate the chagrin similar tarpaulin in Germany. Whose "Climate" In your EU Council Prosident, it might be in return to Landers like Poland and Czech Republic because of the emission targets "Do not lean so far from the window" like other Europeans who do not sell as many cars and win their energy less carbon-based.

Uberdies prevails in the United States a prasident, which holds climate change for a calculating excess of his successful competitors and passed itself from the Paris Agreement to make ground against them okonomically again the ground. Brazil follows in this direction. In this through and against each other national interests, the "Human question Climatic" So factually. The German Dome Minister also makes it clear in his own way when he stresses that "Climate protection for the new imperative of the [Economic and] Area Policy" must become. More on that later.

Nevertheless, he began a speech on this topic with a quote from Greta Thunberg over the "Change on the Horizon". Because the states worldwide – with the mentioned special feature of Trump – do not want to make it to handle their respective national energy policy among the high values of climatic rescue and future security. If the protesters Schuler here is a discrepancy of word and act and in the ranks of the ruling politary professionals hypocrites and swinds – "The Political System is All About Competition. You Cheat Whhen You Can." (Thunberg on Facebook) – do not meet the point. Because the climate hypocrisy is followed by the chief, the own political interests, citing at higher, generally divided aspects, as those of the jointly inhabited planet, recognition and the necessary contrasts already already with the word horses for higher targets. Also later a little more.

In any case, this is the virtually valued use of human and future ideals, which also "Fridays for Future" Chairy for your concern. Because they do that in the protest Do against the authority, it is amed that they do not mean the same thing as those. Apparently, they ame what the government drove in the mouth was not right at the factory, but must first realize: on their and other political prere that also calls on the striking sciences. Nevertheless, the "Friday" repeated rule breakage by their actions and school strikes for the willingness to collect disadvantages and penalties for this purpose.

"System change"

Despite this seriousness in the concern, some moments fall in motion that are suitable, it weak to make – a weak that is quite noticed from several activists without they Reasons know. Neubauer, Thunberg et al. In a current balance sheet to the Schulerprotest (Guardian):

The Climate and Ecological Crisis Has Never Once Been Treated As a Crisis. […] Effectiveely, WE HAVE LOST Another Two Crucial Years." "AS It Is Now, We Can Have As Many Meetings and Climate Conferences AS WE Want. They Will Notto Sufficient Changes, BCause The Willingness To Act And The Level Of Awareness Needed Are Nursing Nowhere in Sight.

In such an agreement, it already wonders why the movement, at least so far, if she wants to open a contrast to the government trading only insofar as she might forced the political representatives to finally make her ocological homework:

Many liked people [sitting] in parliament, but they do not meet their tasks.

What we simply demand at the end of the day is that people do their job.

Luisa Neubauer, NTV 15.3. and DLF 2.3.19

I will not loosen until politicians finally make their job and stop the climate crisis!

Jacob Blasel, Tagesschau.DE 14.3.19

In the Schuler parole "System Change, Not Climate Change" Although a criticism of the capitalist context appears, even in the open letter Thunbergs, Neubauer’s et al. From July 2020 to the Fuhrer der Statenswelt, where it is called:

Our Current System Is Not ‘Broken’ – The System Is Doing Exactly What is Supposed and Designed to Be Doing. IT CAN No Longer Be ‘Fixed’. We need a new system.

Even the claimed necessary Kei ‘in the Corona crisis to save the profits of the economy to pay the climate goals, where factually the latter are subordinate to the former, the young authors criticize:

Aiming to ‘Recover’ to Economic System That Inherently Fuels The Climate Crisis In Order To Finance Climate Action Is Just as absurd as it sounds." "End", Bundnis partner of the FFF, places themselves: "In order to achieve air conditioning, we have to change the economic system fundamentally – ie how, what and how much we produce and consume. It’s not just about ocological aspects […]: Tourages instead of profits, provision instead of growth, cooperation instead of competition.

Actually encouraging statements and demands. But asking about how to fit the project, the politicians "your job" to commit. Is assisted anti-capitalism for their job picture?

Unfortunately, the side of this capitalism criticism in question also shows that the indictment of the "System" Optionally – and unimpressed by appeal – can be exchanged and replaced by one of the "Profits", of "egoism", also of the "Patriarchy" ("Destroy Patriarchy, Not the Planet", FR 12.4.19) Or simply the "Adult" and "Old" (Demoparole: "It is our future, your asshocher") – As if ruling from the years of life were ruling. Apparently, you do not have to see the theory formation too tight if it is only to explain why the policy does not do that, though it is supposedly there.

A moral expansion of the cause determination is that the environmentally damaged humanity not only the undifferentiated object, but at the same time to complain subject To explain the climate crisis: "Choose Eco NOT EGO." "Humanity I have to change, not the climate." Still a contradiction that could be noticed because it is logically not concerned that one and the same collective descend and At the same time he wants to save.

This type of debt allocation sets the normal consumers with the climate boat, whose cottages they were contributed by the CO2-Fubprint of their mobitat and their consumption. Thus, every air traveler for the greenhouse effect and the demand for affordable meat for the material in mass husbandry and the associated processing is at least withmade responsible: as if that – in the majority also payable – Desire the environmental damage had ordered the same. As if in a market economy of consumption does not the blob agent of the increase in sales, the dependent roughening of a mode of production, which has the right and the financial power, to demand the requirements (cf. "The new edition of the meat scandal"To).

This is still noticeable that even people who want to reduce their carbon footprint to clearly depend on suitable goods, z.B. On solar cells that only arise when you have one Shop to serve. And basically, the train drivers know out "Flying cham", carry the second hand and eat vegan, myself that their sampled "small steps" also a document of yours Fainting are against the criticized ratios. The gain of it is therefore more ideal way, name a good feeling opposite yourself and others. Luisa Neubauer criticizes after all as "Individualization of climate protection" with "Well-being". "So the climate crisis does not work." (DLF 3.2.19)

The fight against it to summarize that once, but also does not work that "Friday" with the idealistic and nobody denied community, one "Planet B" Do not exist, determine the causes of environmental damage. There is no danger of making the Bock to the Gartner, if one designates the government action as a material damage causer and at the same time explained as for the remedy?

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