Freebsd 11.4 with zfs improvements and new tools

FreeBSD 11.4 with ZFS improvements and new tools

Almost a year after version 11.3 have the developers of FreeBSD the 11.4-release publishes, the tradition of the last version of the 11er development branch will be. FreeBSD 11.4 Receive until 30. September 2021 Important updates and security fixes.

Spat at the latest, users must change to the 12 Series: Currently FreeBSD 12.1, the expected in October version 12.2 will follow. FreeBSD 13, which will bring some coarse changes, could come in mid 2021.

The 11.4-release is dedicated to the deceased Bruce Evans, which, according to the WHO-IS-WHO of FreeBSD, among others "Style Police Master" was and the developers whose contributions not satisfied the high standards of FreeBSD satisfied on the fingers.

Innovations and improvements in ZFS

In FreeBSD 11.4, the renaming of ZFS bookmarks were implemented in first parts. Background: One of the strong ZFS file system is snapshots that hold a specific time that is not written with new data. Snapshots can be sent to a backup medium in the background. If necessary, you can change later to one of them and thus unveil all changes made since then. The reception side: snapshots eat storage space.

Bookmarks are simplified printed timestamp of snapshots, which does not protect the storage areas for themselves. For backups and replication, you can use space saving by making an offset backup of the snapshot (ZFS Send / Receive), a bookmark sets and the snapshot then removed. Father can be made again a snapshot and make it as a storage-saving incremental backup using the bookmark.

The ZFS file system itself has also been improved and should now be 15 to 20 percent faster for synchronous 128K write hours. At ZFS ZIL (ZFS Intent Log, Journal), the maximum block size can now be varied.

More comfort when updating

The Update Tool of FreeBSD, FreeBSD Update (8), received two new commands: with "updates regular" Can be checked if updates are available. So far you learned this indirectly about the "fetch"-command. above "showconfig" If the current configuration of FreeBSD update (8) is output over Stdout, so that scripts are no longer the / etc / FreeBSD update.Conf (5) file parsen.

FreeBSD 11.4 with ZFS improvements and new tools

Of the "updates regular"-Command in action.

Certctl (8) is a new tool to the system administrator to manage certificates. Certificates that you do not want to trust can be set so easily on a blacklist:

Certctl List
Certctl Blacklist CD8C0D63.0
Certctl Rehash

The functionality of some other tools has been slightly expanded: "CamControl (8)" Now ACCESSIBLE MAX ADDRESS Configuration (AMA), "USBConfig (8)" Received the detach_kernel_driver command, "Cron (8)" Knows two new flags -n and -q to improve success messages and logging. The Crypto (4) driver has been freed from old algorithms and the USBSEC (4) driver marked as obsolete. He will not be available with FreeBSD 13.

More information and download

From the / etc / Services, some entries of the AppleTalk family were removed such as the AppleTalk Echo Protocol (4 / DDP) and Apple Network License Manager (1381 / UDP + TCP). Many other AppleTalk entries are still available. Further details on amendments and innovations are the release notes to FreeBSD 11.4 to be found in.

The new version can now be free from the project page be downloaded. It runs on the Architectures i386 / AMD64, PowerPC / PowerPC64, SPARC64, ARMV6 (32-bit) and AARCH64 (64 bits) and is as an ISO image, image for USB sticks or virtual machines as well as micro-) SD cards for SBCS available.

AppleTalk changes specified more detailed.

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