Forced negotiations between spain and catalonia begin

Forced negotiations between Spain and Catalonia begin

Catalonal Parliament. Image: parliament de catalunya

The positions are far apart and already in advance there were quarrels that could quickly lead to the abort of negotiations

Today’s Wednesday afternoon start in the Spanish Government Palace "Monclo" The negotiations between Spain and Catalonia. For this purpose, the Spanish head of government Pedro Sanchez was forced, as the Social Democrat without the arance to the Republican Left Catalonia (ERC) in January no coalition government with the link coalition "Unidas Podemos" (We can do it) had to form. "If there are no negotiations, there is no legislature", Had the ERC spokesman Gabriel Rufian explained clearly.

After a meeting between Sanchez and the Catalan head of government Quim Torra in Barcelona At the beginning of this month, Sanchez had announced the inclusion of the talk between the two governments for February. Because they had to start even long, because Psoe and ERC had agreed that they had to start 15 days after the swearing of the ministers. But there was a dispute already about the appointment, since Sanchez Torra and his delegation actually ordered on Madrid last Monday, without saying the appointment. Torra explained that Monday was impossible for him and made him even five alternative suggestions.

Ultimately Sanchez had to serve. Why he was so awkward and if he wanted to demonstrate power is unclear. Because real he had nothing in his hand to enforce his appointment. Ultimately, he adopted today, since on Spades Tuesday it was coordinated whether an important legislative eligibility can be treated in parliament. Sanchez was once again relied on the ERC votes for a law that is of a central interest for the government.

Had not been an appointment for the beginning of the negotiation, it was hard for the ERC to reuse Sanchez again. As Telepolis could learn from ERC guided, there is now also destroyed over dealing with Sanchez. And its government must change the law on the expenditure limit for the soon to be consumed household. Otherwise, the right majority in the Senate (Oberhaus) can continue to block him. Sanchez needs its household to implement the policy of its coalition. The ERC has also not determined whether it agrees to the spending upper limit, the first step for a new household. She wants to wait for the results of the negotiating table as well as the ERC spokeswoman in the Telepolis conversation. Support receives Sanchez only with progress.

A rough obstacle was first advanced so that the negotiations do not fail immediately. But the question of "Relator" Could the talk of the eight-headed delegation be blasted again before the second round of negotiations. Because the presence of an independent witness is for Catalonia (JXCAT) "indispensable". The formation of exile-prassident Carles Puigdemont had an international mediator. The should be tested for agreements. However, JXCAT shows itself compromise on this question. "If you do not want a mediator, the Spanish government and the ERC have to offer us other guarantees", explained the Fruhere JXCAT spokeswoman participating in the negotiations.

Actually, the ERC also had a witness to a witness after her experiences with unaffected promises of social democrats. Because the ERC felled according to own information about the table, after she had brought Sanchez to power per mistrust application in June 2018. From the former self-criticism is officially nothing more to horns, but internally violently denounces that the guided under Pere Aragonès the relator is no longer for "unavoidable" stop. Torra, however, can point out that there is a parliamentary resolution for which the ERC has voted.

Disputes about the occupation of the Catalan delegation

In order not to make the negotiations fail before their start, Torra has renounced the intermediary in the first round of negotiations. But that is the gross stumbling block for the further progress. Swallow the government Sanchez had to protest that in the Catalan delegation for governmental language, not only government members are represented. There is, for example, the ERC spokeswoman Marta Vilalta, who had already filed the Deal Psoe-ERC for government formation.

Significantly strong location Man in Madrid but that Josep Maria Jove will sit at the table. The ERC municipal council in Barcelona is considered an architect of the independence reference of the 1. Seen October 2017, which had been enforced by civil society despite the prohibition and violence of Spanish safety.

For JXCAT, especially familiar by exilprasident Puigdemont with the table, like Elsa Artadi. You switched out always stronger as a possible successor of Torra, who wants to start new elections as soon as the Catalan household stands. Previously, the government coalition is broken with the ERC, as he did not defend him against Spanish repression. Spain wants him to relieve him of a Lappalie of the Office, which the Supreme Court must decide to. According to the will of the ERC and JXCAT, the detained ERC boss Oriol Junqueras had to attend the negotiations, as the ERC General Secretary Marta Rovira, which is located in Swiss exile. It was also required that Puigdemont and the JXCAT prisoner should be involved Jordi Sànchez. This requirement was just posted and soon could escalate. Finally, Puigdemont is popular according to the judgment of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) as the European Parliamentarian immunitat and will project on Saturday in the French-Catalan Perpignan of a coarse event. This also applies to JUNQUERAS, at its detention of Spain against the ECJ judgment but hold.

In terms of content, little to expect from the first meeting. For the 44 points, the Sanchez for the dialog before Torra in one "Agenda for re-meeting" had survived, there is not only to Torras view other bodies, such as the bilateral commission. Because these are changes in autonomies and financing ies. But it becomes clear about what Sanchez wants to go out: a new autonomy status. However, the Catalans want to talk about their self-determination and the export of an agreed referendum according to Scotland, an end to repression and an amnesty. All this refuses the Spanish government. However, he is in the Zwickmuhle. If there is no progress in the questions, the ERC boss remains in the jail despite the ECJ judgment in the jail, further absurd procedures for invented offense, then Sanchez will not get a household and must soon start the Funken elections in four years.

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