For fear of the afd give up social criticism?

For fear of AFD give up social criticism?

The rise of the right is given as a fundamentation for this, blob no longer talk about another society

"The best Germany of all time", Takt the TAZ a few days ago and the title dearly first thought of a stucco satire, for which the newspaper was already known. But the historian at the Institute for Social Research Hedwig Richter, the author of the article, meant everything seriously. And what she says is now in a rough part of the intellectual middle class consensus. Judge formulates it that way:

Is not it time to celebrate all that we are? Now, as there are enough enemies of our free society, enough adversaries of democracy and a variety of diversity? When Neiepechte Europe ranges as the setting overall and racists exclaim our government as a destroy of the German people; If Marine Le Pen printers Liberalitat and French tolerance as the dark-minded habit of an intellectual elite, we do not have to take part for this open society – namelessly?

Hedwig judge

"Unpavated German"

Now you could say what the doctoral doctor’s doctoralist is writing, is spated since the Fubball World Cup in Germany largely consensus. We are so great, we have worked up our past so well and we can also celebrate unpilled. And who is still upset about the black-red-gold masquerade, is a left dogmatist. Judge also makes it clear against whom your intervention is directed:

If the revolutionary phrases are summoned by those who want to hate otherwise and destroy pluralitat, then let us do without this rhetoric. The radical system criticism have taken the others. Likewise. Racists have all reason to feel uncomfortable, lovers of patriarchal structures do not want this world anymore.

Hedwig judge

Finally, she comes to an intuition, which himself is very precarious.

The muted young man catching up to throw the stone to suit and to destroy – he was long enough the global icon of the left.

Hedwig judge

Since you already ask yourself against Wen judge here polemises here. You probably gained the hype about the Hamburg Summit Proteste, that the picture of the young man with the stone itself is anachronistic one with a rough part of the autonomous movement today. Ultimately, Richter runs article out on the simple message:

Our democracies deserve our benevolent packaging.

Hedwig judge

The first one to be packed here are probably those who do not agree with the jubilation of the best of all worlds. Now this motto is spent at all times. Original is only that the rise of rights is now given as a fundamentation for this, blob no longer talk about another society.

The simple logic, if the rights wants to fake a society, must have everyone else they defend, has already gone a lot going wrong. Thus, the SPD argued in the final phase of the Weimar Republic. She accepted so massive social rays, then supported even the monarchist Hindenburg in the prassident choice, which then called Hitler to the Chancellor.

Always argued, in the ARA of the rise of the Nazis, was no time for socio-critical experiments. Especially with this, the Nazis were not thrown, but required. If even analogies prohibit, at least one thing is clear: if possible even the whole left in the Hohelied is in the best of all worlds, the AFD can smear even better than alternative and is only initiated.

How left to learn the elites love

Judge only pronounced here, what many think. Company’s criticism was never popular in Germany and certainly not in crisis time. Also a commentator of the socialist daily newspaper New Germany aims at the middle of the company in times of AFD ascent in the middle of the company.

"Left populists, remember!" His short text is written. The occasion was actually banal. Politicians of the Left Party had scandalized in the election campaign that Chancellor, Minister and Bundestag Members do not deposit in the statutory pension insurance.

"So the Left Party climates unamed on the clavature of the populists", Find ND commentator Florian Haenes and FDP-style ride: "At all nothing is scandalos in practice to pay politicians separate age assets. According to a clear conscience, they should act. For this you have to know financially secured."

Now the author of a socialist daily should actually know that it is an attack on the principle of social security, when people who earn a lot, rather than in the statutory funds, use private insurance. That’s exactly what is the cause that the funds are missing for the many millions of pensioners who do not belong to the so-called elite.

"Voilà – and no more Sou"

Instead that Haenes restit the propagandaphrases of the free conscience of the deputies, he would rather in a book with the title "Transformation of democracy" of the Politologist Johannes Agnoli reading the role of politicians in the state of capital aptly analyzed. He actually believes himself that he keeps the AfD with it by answering left to learn to love the elites?

Just vice versa, a left her old criticism of elites had to be clearly sharp. Already 100 years ago, the workers’ and soldier rate have made a practical elite critique by demolishing them in November 1918, but unfortunately only for a short time. And another few decades, the Parisian communities have summarized their elite critical in such a way:

Privileges, politicians do not exist in the community ‘. And the people therefore maintain his official as much money as a worker’s wage, voila – and no more so.

These were Tone, which might actually hold some protest bikers from electing AFD. But if Haenes finished his commentary with the Volksgemeinschaftliche Warning: "No chance voice is worthwhile to recycle mistrust between officers and burgers", Then you realize that this is not about misunderstandings.

Here someone wants to arrive in the middle of society and will probably work soon for one of the many blatters, which are all long ago. But now the right danger has to serve to throw any social-critical claim on board and to keep the best of all worlds.

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