Flexibilization à la francaise: no springboard more

The French Statistical Office summarizes the development of the labor market since three years: short run times of the work organization and fewer opportunities for a permanent employment contract

The agreed term of regular employment professions as well as temporary employment contract is always short; The prospects to get a permanent employment contract, in recent years in France, significantly deteriorated how current figures of the French Statistics Office Insee impressively explain in the last 30 years for the rotation of the workforce.

If in 1982, the half of all new receptions were associated with a permanent employment contract, this was only 5 percent in 2011. This is one of two ciphers highlighted in media reports on the insee dossier of linker as well as from a conservative side to draw attention to the flexibilization à la francaise since 1982.

The other number that is turned out as a signal is the indicator that is determined every year for the new hires and abgesis in the companies. In 1982, 32 percent are considered "Rotary rate" – New settings and exhaustings on 100 employees at a specific time – specified; for 1999 already 125 percent and for 2011 177 percent.

As an explanation for phanomenums, it is caught that the duration of the work organization has been grinated in recent years and decades and further. This is considered "Cases" for the precarene workers, because parallel the proportion of those who after a fixed-term contractual agreement or a temporary employment contract received a permanent employment contract, continuously sank.

Of the "Trampoline effect" Be passed through, Insee is quoted. The precars remain among themselves, as well as the better, it has developed a dual labor market.

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