First impression of canon eos r5: fast and detailed full format camera

First impression of Canon EOS R5: Fast and detailed full format camera

The EOS R5 is already Canon’s fourth mirrorless full format camera. But she is the first to approach the mirror sisters of the EOS-5D series. In fact, she has the potential to even decelerate the wretched series.


That Canon professionalizes his system is already shown by handling. It is now strongly leaning against the EOS mirror reflex cameras. Unlike the alter R models, the R5 has, for example, the Typical rough dial on the back side for the DSLR. At which the thumb also finds sufficient space and does not run danger mistaken other buttons – for example, the Q menu – to be stated.

The menus are structured as usual and can be configured extensively. Anyone who has already familiarized here with Canon software can be done quickly. However, some details hide the manufacturer so sent that only a look at the manual helps. In it, for example, you learn that behind the "HDR PQ settings" The new compressed 10-bit data format sensitive. In the medium term, the JPEG should be removed.

Thanks to their pronounced grip bead, the R5 is safe and good in hand. The display can rotate and operate photographers as well as touch and wipe gestures. The viewfinder offers in the EOS R5 a resolution of 5.69 megapixels (1600 × 1200 pixels), which is now standard in the class.

Reliable autofocus

Our practical shots are mainly emerged in Hanover Adventure Zoo, which, in addition to numerous motifs – from portrate to action – also a wide variety of lighting conditions. We photographed with the RF 70-200mm F2.8 l is USM, which is above all surprised with its compact design. While weight, however, is the same with the corresponding EF counterpart. We liked the fast and precise autofocus performance of the camera lens team. Thus, the motive automatic in animal mode surprised safely on the feathered zoo dwellers in the Gross Voliere. Only dense branches made the automatic work difficult. In such situation, individual AF fields or areas work more reliable. With the thumb on the touchdisplay you can move this very fine-flavored via the viewfinder field (previously activated the TouchDrag AF).

Canon EOS R5: Sample pictures from the adventure zoo Hannover

First impression of Canon EOS R5: Fast and detailed full format camera

Rub head in the approach. The high resolution of the EOS R5 allows to engraving excerpts. After all, this has a resolution of ten megapixels. Canon EOS R5 | RF 70-200mm F2.8 l is USM | 147 mm | ISO 1000 | f / 3.2 | 1/1000 S

If the EOS R5 has detected a motive, it almost pursues with sleepwalking security and even in bad lighting losses. The battery handed in our test period for good 600 recordings. We worked almost exclusively with high standard formation rate. After three hours then was the conclusion.

Picture quality

Heartstuck The EOS R5 is a new CMOS sensor that works like sister models with preserved dual pixel technology, but now offers a high resolution of 45 megapixels. Thus, Canon will take up to the mirroring competitors of Nikon and Panasonic. For the current generation of the Sony A7R (IV) missing 15 megapixels. You do not see that the test pictures, because Canon has the noise well under control.

First impression of Canon EOS R5: Fast and detailed full format camera

100 percent cutout from the C’t test scene at ISO 6400: Left: Canon EOS R5 right: Sony A7R IV Both mirror-free full format cameras hold fine details up to high ISO sensitivities in the picture. The Sony A7R IV shows a slightly strong noise.

With low ISO values, it makes details so plastic that you can almost catch them. However, this impressive plasticization loses itself with increasing signaling – even with very high sensitivities, but you can still clearly recognize structures such as the wood of our Mal Palette. The Sony A7R IV succeeds as well, but she shows a more pronounced noise than the Canon competitor.

First conclusion

The Canon EOS R5 really makes Spab, she uses like a SLR camera and makes it easy for the photographer to quickly manage. After our first photo tours convince us speed and precision of the autofocus’ as well as the motive detection. The first image results are also raised over every doubt. A wedding drop is the short battery life, the R5 is not a snap with more than 4000 euros.

A detailed test of the Canon EOS R5 Read in the upcoming edition of C’t photography (5/2020).

Technical data of the Canon EOS R5
model Canon EOS R5 Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Camera class Mirrorless system camera Mirror reflex camera
Price (RRP incl. 19% VAT.) RRP / Strain 4500 € / 4500 € 4065 € / 2900 €
Picture sensor
Sensor groove Full format / 36 mm × 24 mm Full format / 36 mm × 24 mm
Sensor type CMOS Dual Pixel CMOS Dual Pixel
Sensor resolution 8192 × 5464 6720 × 4480
Megapixel (effective) pixel groove 45 / 4.39 μm 30.4 / 5.4 μm
Photosensitivity ISO 100 – 25.600 (expandable on ISO 100 – 51.200) ISO 100 – 32.000 (expandable to ISO 50 – 102.400)
Image stabilization 5-axis (Ibis) and objective side objective
Autofocus and photo functions
Autofocus type Dual Pixel AF Phase comparison (viewfinder) / Dual Pixel AF (LiveView)
AF measuring fields (AF sensor / image sensor) / work area – / 5940 (1053 Auto Section) / AB -6 LW 61 / K.A. / AB -3 LW
shortest / longest shutter speed 1/8000 S – 30 S / (Bulb) 1/8000 S – 30 S / (Bulb)
Series image rate / raw in a row 12 B / S (Mech.), 20 B / S (electr./ 80 7 B / S / 21
Video format MP4 Motion JPEG (4K), MOV
Video compression AVC / H.265 MP4 AVC / H.264
Maximum resolution 8K 8192 × 4320 (30P) 4K 4096 × 2160 (30P)
Viewfinder and display
Searcher type / enlargement 0.5 “OLED / 0.76x Analog prism / 0.71x
Search show 5.69 megapixels (1600 × 1200 pixels)
Display type / diagonal LCD / 8 cm (3.15"To) LCD / 8.1 cm (3.2"To)
Display resolution 2.1 megapixels (1024 × 684 pixels) 1.62 megapixel (900 × 600 pixels)
Mobile / Touch Yes / Yes No no
Battery and memory
Memory type 1x CFEXPRESS / 1x SD (UHS-II) 1x SD (UHS-I), 1x CompactFlash
Memory Card Slots 2 2
Battery type Li-Ion (LP-E6NH) Li-ion (LP-E6N)
Battery capacity / shots 2130 MA / 490 (Monitor), 320 (viewfinder) 1865 mA / 900 viewfinder
Hause and connections
Housing material / weatherproof Magnesium, carbon / yes Magnesium / yes
Lens Bayonet / Croptor Canon RF Canon EF
Body (B × H × T) 136 mm × 98 mm × 88 mm 151 mm × 116 mm × 88 mm
Weight (incl. Battery u. Map) 738 g 800 g
Connections USB 3.1 (Type C), HDMI (Type D), Microphone, Headhortry, Remote USB 3.0, HDMI (Type C), Microphone, Headhortry, Remote
Wireless WLAN 802.111A / B / G / N / AC, Bluetooth 4.2 WLAN 802.11b / g / n, GPS
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