Finally: sharp and safe on the internet

Data Becker takes the sex surfers on the hand – so that has one free

Surf on erotic sides? So really, no one does! But from time to time, nobody is caught in Flagranti and it turns out that he actually meets Muller. That can then ruin the job or the relationship. Only 9 euros 95 should now be remedied.

Computer in bed? Nah, that’s nothing, this square tin box, you only get blue spots. But so many of the electronic friend is quite close, he is also used for erotic stripes. He does not talk around afterwards. One thinks.

About 10 years ago, there was a new secret project in a computer publisher, with which the publisher officially wanted to do nothing to do. The business drivers made the name of his earlier own craftbude, which he had never dissolved in all the years. Only the address of the newly created publisher was a daily – and the enclosed CD-ROM. Nobody had told the press shop that this time you wanted to stay inkognito and lately printed the name of the magazine on the CD, whose editor-in-chief was exploring the project manager of the ancient project.

Around employees did not have to beg for a long time; The rush crucifully despite daily night layers of unused editors was enormous. And was after a few months – because actually none of the parties wanted to settle the project so muches – a new magazine called "PC eroticism" ready in the post room for shipping.

Finally a magazine that interests everyone

Suddenly it went around the publisher: editors, gambling testers, ad sales and secretaries ran in the postspace, three took "PC eroticism", For camouflage, the latest latest edition of the publisher radio focal magazine on it and delivered – inactive to the left and right – hurried back to her workplace.

So I went to the post room, because that looked after an interesting gift for erotic so far too shorted friends. Took me three "PC eroticism", did not lay a radio expert magazine on it, because I wrote himself and knew it in mind and memorizing, in love with the postspace without having to look around me – and ran the manager in the arms that meant only dry "Yes, nobody has told them that they have to put a radio directory on it?".

Since serious concerns showed that the whole first edition of the Elaborate in the house sequented, instead of being sent to paying buyers, the cardboard moved from the post office under the desk of the project manager. And I made the next mistake and started immediately in the workplace to examine the work of my colleagues.

Erotic satire – or satirical erotic?

One of the best satiety magazines to Titanic and MAD is called "coupe": Whoever gets this in the hands is immediately at the "New special" Reminds: Lachrammes are inevitable. While I once again made my erotic chances with a blonde, which me "coupe" wanted to tune in the common night, but my haughted when the work of the Machwerk then took very personal.

And as well, my supervisor to me was very indignant after just a few minutes and said "If you do not stop on the spot now, I have to lose you the booklet! Read the dull at home". OWAA, I had no idea that he had taken to the editorial team. Our ratio was charged from this day.

The magazine contained the absolute mad tips. So offered under the title "Getting caught? That does not have to be!" A two-sided article practical PC Leidhilfe: It was to be seen as a Word document of the pinup desktop suffered. The professional remedy of "PC eroticism"? Right to maximize the Word window! And for such tips, the buyer had almost 10 marks to complete.

"Getting caught? That does not have to be!"

The last of the three ies I gave the man of a girlfriend. He complained later that the Beate Uhse program had brought his PC to crash from Beate Uhse. And wondered that one is also paid for the creation of such a stitch – if bad.

The Dusseldorfer Verlag Data Becker now has this day of the crimping topic "How do I unsignified on sex sides" accepted. "Sex for dummies" Unfortunately, as a title, because the book is already available – from a different publisher and without computer reference. That’s why it is called now "Sharp and safe on the internet". And is – as in the case of data becker added generally ubrow – so freely opened ("Embarrassed sex trails end-to-destroy", "Anonymous foreplay: Unrecognized in the homested forums", "Rat sharp, the little Firefox", "Secret and horny: sharp picture search with Google"…) that it was probably rarely worn in the shop and then worn with the high-red pear to the cashier. On the other hand, the publisher has switched off a few swatches. Nevertheless, it was harder in me "PC eroticism"- and "Peter Huth"-suspicion of.

You have committed this book to can finally move on the Internet for sure. To be anonymous or to easily inform yourself, how you can do your privacy. Maybe only because of the interesting picture on the book cover.

Data Becker knows his Pappenheimer: from the foreword of "Sharp and safe on the internet"

On 170 loose printed pages, the book does not offer – as the title suggests love – information about how to make a sex website, for that quite some information how to visit such. If not always the best. That is a matter of opinion. So turns to the sentence "For a good relationship in the partnership, it is important […] that "other" not by chance to the "embarrassing" Stuff" On the one hand, the question of what is a relationship in the partnership – such as the counterpuck of a partnership in the relationship? On the other hand, one could conclude, it was better for the partnership when the "others" (how many actually?) Instead of just randomly intended to the "embarrassing stuff" Typing, say: let the partner participate in the online spab and the well-known pictures are not all selfish for themselves. Comprehensible, but not what the author wants to tell us.

Finally: sharp and safe on the internet

Dialers are under the keyword "The dirty tricks of the sex mafia" quite reasonable, albeit as "Stohn phone numbers" explained. However, those are known completely without a dialer and computer. The warning of Trojans, Wurmern and adjusted start pages right on the beginning of the book is useful – and the tips are useful, if not complete. Also, the note, for sex tours in the network not to use the company e-mail or others with the right name in it, sometimes must be said. However, it lacks the note, generally not in the Buro sex surfing. Any one of this tip is given by the welfare of their employees, who are at the attitude today "Do not go to erotic sides with your computer, we have recently observed a colleague in the recently re-observed and warned of six hours of non-stop on Beate Uhse.Com was traveling" (Probably the whole wiring wars had won the six hour cuddly online sex in the Groubaumburo …). Computer editors in research are naturally exempt, even if these research takes the whole night.

A whole chapter is the difficult topic "Microsoft and sex". If "Internet Explorer make sure" (yes is that??To), "Use: use service packs" or "Insert the Outlook Express rubber" (Huch, like pervert!) up to "the media player removes the chat" seem to be the tips gathered here not only to be useful for erotic surf tours, but apparently to be needed to be brought to the non-technology-interested computer user close. Insofar a real learning book, especially as two chapters continue to be presented to Mozilla and Firefox and Opera as an alternative to the Microsoft Internet Explorer and Xenorate as an alternative to the Windows Media Player.

"German, buys online sex blob not at the German"

Extremely bad for Mr. Eichel, however, are the following tips. From German Sex Websites Council the book completely completely. Because youth protection and the KJM a complex pose, during the rest of the world to protect the children with a button "They are fully? Yes No" involved. Data Becker says clearly here: "Hand away from such old age verification!". Whether X-Check, over 18 or even the new system with the chip system: all these systems do not only require money, but drifting with the data Schindluder, suspected author Andreas Petrumausch. They were swept by the market if they were so abusing the trust of their customers.

So you should no longer buy any cigarettes at the vending machine if they check the age only with the money card chip, but this quite healthy conclusion does not draw petrumly. Instead, he advises "to learn English" Or even the use of Google and Babelfish to visit Spanish sexes in the original language. As if the payment there is somehow safe goods than on German pages, in which one could at least complain with fraud – even if that would hardly hurt anyone who would hardly dare. However, however, the money goes over abroad and at the German fiscal. The excitation value Babelfish-translucer Spanish erotic texts were inevitably allowed to fall on gender-cam level – and for the pictures you do not need a translator.

Claws is anonymous than buy – but really safer?

It was also difficult to pay when you send the tip "Hand way from the credit card" homely. Few pages further then is the wisdom "There is no one!". Dafur is shown the distressed user later, how to get around on Google and Newsgroups around by the sex sites?. What a happy that the Bose Pornomafia is not as it is as the self-sufficient significantly more donorous musical industry – otherwise these tips were inevitably driving to warnings!

However, the recommendation of IP anonymizers is more confusing – who wants to visit legal erotic offers and not children’s porn, should not actually have that. Other tips, on the other hand, are quite useful, such as that, no private homepage of style "That’s me, that’s my Porsche, that’s my wife and that’s my children" to open up the pictures in contact from there, because it is not only possible to give up any anonymity, but also the pictures of the children could still emerge in places in the network, where you certainly do not want to see them.

"Uschi needs its own account"

Now a whole chapter is working on how to hide the online stripes in front of the partner. Actually, you then have the wrong partner, if this is necessary, but here Data Becker does not stop: in the book it’s just about hiding heaters, not hot chats. A pretty curious tip is to cut all the collected sex videos into a rough video because this is not so find. Another, under XP Professional of the woman to give a separate account – with administrative rights so that they will not become suspicious – and then the picture folders. A somewhat in question, especially as a folder with unreadable files too "Uschi" Coming is coming. The book ends with brutal resolutions: the backing of an image backup after sex surfexcess or even setting up a Microsoft Virtual PC.

Whether the offered solutions to the sexually oriented online collection tub are really always the optimal, is questionable, but if you run out of the image-newsful envelope and the worst rendered, the content is a positive surprise and with just under 10 euros is still cheaper than a false dialer click. C’t readers were not allowed to do nothing here.

Andreas Petrausch, "Sharp and safe on the internet", Data Becker Dusseldorf 2005, 9.95 Euro, ISBN 3-8158-2722-1

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