Filesharing: us provider must pay the music industry 1 billion dollars

FileSharing: US provider must pay the music industry 1 billion dollars

The US Internet Provider Cox Communications must have a billion US dollar (currently 823 million euros) to 57 record companies and music publishers. Customers of the ISP have 10 in 2013 and 2014.017 Musikstucke Uber FileSharing networks copied. Because Cox has not cut off these customers from the Internet despite complaints of the right holders, the company now has to be straight as a contribution station for the copyright injuries of his customers.

This is from a current decision of the US Federal Court of Justice for the Eastern Virginia. First of all, sworn Cox Communications had almost 100 at the end of 2019.000 dollars per musician condemned what multiplied by 10.017 makes exactly one billion dollars. As a high force, the law even sees 150.000 dollars per infringement.

To Spat comes expensive

Then Cox requested a reduction of the total: part of the music chocolates was derived from each other, for example in the form of remixes or short variants. Therefore, can not be estimated the same amount for all stucco. But that, so the court, had had to submit Cox in the swore procedure. Now it is for spat.

The provider still has the possibility of appealing to the Federal Convocation Court for the Fourth Federal Supreme Court. The method is called Sony Music et al V. Cox Communications et al and has been an east Virginia under AZ since 2018 at the US Federal Government Court. 1: 18-CV-00950 attached.

  • Decision of jury of December 2019
  • Rejection of reduction
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