Federal prosecutor’s office, bka and lka sabot an nsu committee

Federal Prosecutor's Office, BKA and LKA Sabot an NSU Committee

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Safety cases treat the state parliament of Baden-Wurttemberg like lawless petitioners – still determined – just what exactly?

NSU declaration 2017 Live – there is less about the deeds and taders than those who should start and do not want to clarify.

The Investigation Agents Federal Office (BAW), Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) and Landescriminal Office of Baden-Wurttemberg (LKA) continues the work of the Parliamentary Examination Committee (PUA) of the country. That’s enough to clarification. But the committee has to attribute itself to himself. He has been subject to the executive and their rules for two and a half years. The youngest meeting delivered three examples. Incidentally, they are still in the middle of the scandal and the security arrangements are part of it.

The theme of the Baden-Wurttemberg Committee is the murder of the police officer Michèle Kiesewetter of April 2007 in Heilbronn – the last of the ten murders attributed to the NSU. The BAW claims that the tatters were just Uwe Bohnhardt and Uwe Fermos. Durable is not. Nevertheless, the committee in Stuttgart puts the view of the Karlsruhe authorities. He says, however, have given it muse supporter. He has been looking for months in Neonazi circles in the country.

Mobile phones of two Islamists logged in to the crime scene Theresienwiese

There are still a number of open traces in the case of Heilbronn, which suggests another tattaplauf. One was served by the ARD magazine Report Mainz and from star released. After that were the day day, the 25. April 2007, until shortly before the attack on the two police officers at 14 o’clock mobile phones of two Islamists logged in to the crime scene Theresienwiese.

The U Committee in Stuttgart Weib this since December 2015, but only due to the current reporting he was now active. He requested investigations into the mobile phone numbers by the GeneralBundesanwalt (GBA). The leaned away, as the PUA chairman Wolfgang Drexler (SPD) publicly announced: According to GBA, there is no indications of compounds to Islamist circles. That’s a blob guess and not trimmed by facts.

The Supreme investigators of the Federal Republic defend their two-tader theory without challenging contradictions and other insights. Example one of the appreciation blocks on the part of the authorities.

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