Federal network agency: “slight improvements” for promised bandwidths

Federal Network Agency:'leichte verbesserungen' bei versprochenen bandbreiten​'leichte verbesserungen' bei versprochenen bandbreiten​

Who to retire a contract on an internet access to any provider, knows that "up to" The bandwidth information. Only a quarter of the users who measure their connection with a tool of the Federal Network Agency, the full speed. But it gets better – at least a bit: "The development is positive against previous years", said chef regulator Jochen Homann, who presented the annual report of the bandwidthMeng on Thursday.

The report comprises the results of 949.414 quantities in fixed network and 448.058 in the mobile network, which between the 1. October 2019 and the 30. September 2020 with the app of the Federal Network Agency were made. Coronabeeds existed compared to the previous period 2018/19 more stationary quantities and less in mobile networks.

Full performance for a quarter

In the fixed line, therefore, all bandwidth classes and providers were almost 74 percent (2018/19: almost 71 percent) of the users at least half of the contractually agreed maximum data transfer rate. This was fully reached or exceeded only at 24 percent (2018/19: 16.4 percent).

The quantities reflect the trend towards faster connections. At least in the cable network operators, customers are increasingly election with at least 200 Mbps. In this bandwidth class between 200 and 500 MBit / s, the Federal Network Agency also measured slight improvements in the previous year.

"Although customers often do not reach the speed that was contractually placed, but it can be detected in particular in stationar broadband connections slight improvements", Homann said. "This is pleasing because the Corona pandemic also faces the telecommunications sector from immense challenges.

With mobile communications, the level continues to be well below that of the landline: over all the bandwidths and providers, only 17.4 percent of the measurement results (2018/2019: 14.9 percent) were at least half of the contractually agreed maximum rate, only at 2 , 1 percent was fully reached or exceeded (2018/2019: 1.5 percent).

At least "satisfactory"

As with landline, around three quarters of customers rate their providers with at least the grade 3. The fact that the mobile service providers are comparable despite the nominally worse performance, the Federal Network Agency in its report indicates other priorities: users were "For mobile broadband connections rather the mobility and the performance available to evaluate as the achievement of the in the prospect of data transfer rate".

The data underlying the reports generates the Federal Network Agency over the test side BroadbandMeng.de, on whom every and everyone can measure their own connection. It is increasing whether the Internet provider delivers the contractually guaranteed bandwidth.

The Federal Network Agency for the Meng is a desktop app (Windows, MacOS, Linux). Since the beginning of February, which can also be used for individual quantities and for gigabit connections.

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