Faq: what you need to know about whatsapp and the new terms of use

FAQ: What you need to know about WhatsApp and the new Terms of Use

The new terms of use and thus also a new privacy statement of WhatsApp will come into force on this Saturday. You have to be agreed. And if not? Then explodes the smartphone? We have put together the most important information.

What has changed at the terms of use at all?

According to WhatsApp, it is dedicated to changes in terms of communication with companies. Here data is shared with third parties. Whether you are communicating with companies over the messenger, the usual, also writes Facebook.

For private communication, supposedly nothing has changed, the privacy statement and usage condition was only reformulated according to WhatsApp and made a better understandable. The Messenger repeatedly emphasizes that the messages remain end-to-end-cased – which was never really questioned. In addition, you do not share data with Facebook, at least wrote in a Whatsapp-FAQ, you do not preserve any logs to whom messages sends or who calls Who. The location is neither visible for WhatsApp nor Facebook. "WhatsApp does not share your contacts with Facebook."

Why then worry about the data?

The privacy clarification and terms of use are not as clear how Facebook writes it in the FAQ. Johannes Caspar, Data Protection Supervisor in Hamburg, has initiated a procedure against Facebook to clarify the data shared. However, since this procedure is still running, there is now an arrangement that itatsapp prohibited to share data with Facebook. Caspar criticizes that the explanations are at least unclear, made different statements in various bodies and the demarcation to international information is hardly recognizable.

Is not the privacy worker in Ireland?

Yes, Facebook has its European headquarters in Ireland and according to the goods there are the local data protection workers. However, the DSGVO also lets other trap. This is about the protection of the data of the Bundesburger. However, the statuses still clearly clarifies that the European Court of Justice (ECJ) must decide. An opinion of the ECJ Advocate General Michal Bobek sounds relatively clear: national authorities intervene in certain cases.

I do not want to agree – what now?

Option A: Change the messenger.

Option B: Waiting and Facebook Trust.

Facebook says the acceptance of Caspars is wrong and therefore the consent to the new usage condition was obtained as it was planned. The practice, so whatsapp, is another one anyway: no data transfer.

WhatsApp praises myself loose messages, "To increase the privacy" – Does that help?

no. A message on the smartphone after seven days has nothing to do with the data transfer or security. Why these are called in the answers to the Data Protection Directive of WhatsApp, one may ask – and think of his part.

And what happens when I do not agree? I can use WhatsApp?

First of all, WhatsApp probably will continue to use without consent. However, there is always an indication that you have to agree to the terms of use. In "some weeks" If this is supposed to appear permanent, WhatsApp writes in an extra-created blog post to the questions what happens in non-approval. If the permanent memory is there, some functions can no longer be used. First, access to the chats remains denies, voice and video calls can be considered. News can still be read about notifications. Again a few weeks later WhatsApp does not work anymore.

the "Weekly", So the duration, is different – which people can write long news, remains unclear. It will probably not make the cabbage fat.

In a few weeks I have to have agreed or use another messenger?

Exactly. "eat or die" the colloquial language is called. Also on this practice requires privacy worldwide.

Other messenger? Are they safe?

Depending on. Here Sylvester’s tremmel explains the C’t, why the cat partly in the tail itself.

And here Andreas Wilkens writes how he switched to signal.

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