Facebook locks profiles of radical bolsonaro trail worldwide

Facebook locks profiles of radical bolsonaro trail worldwide

Facebook has locked the profiles of Radical Appendies of Brazil’s Prasident Jair Bolsonaro as well as from a judge of the Supreme Court, also closed outside the country. This reported Brazilian media citing the world-growing online network on Saturday.

The judge Alexandre de Moraes had the punishment for Facebook on Friday because of the failure to comply with a previous judgment to 1.92 million Reais, translated to 312.000 Euro, the day increases and not excluded to draw the Prasident of Facebook Brasil, Conrado Leister, personal responsibility.

Fake news network

Moraes looked at it proved that Facebook had locked the profiles of radical bolsonaro appendants against his statement only domestically. Shortly thereafter, they published their anti-democratic slogans and personal attacks with changed location settings, such as the newspaper FOLHA DE S.Paulo showed.

The verdict is part of the investigation against a supposed fake-news network. The aim is Handle and Supporters of the Right Prasident Bolsonaro, such as the right activist Sara Winter from the group "300 do Brasil".

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