Facebook: customs and incorrect notifications mainly on apple

Facebook: Customs and incorrect notifications mainly on Apple

Pling, new message, Pling, new message, but it’s the same message. Pling, notification from an account, but also there should be no notifications. Facebook currently has to fight with disturbances. Partly the social network is simply not available. Why it comes to the fails, however, is rather unclear.

While Firefox all Facebook features work quite wonderfully, a soft side appears under Safari. Chrome and chromium-based browsers make no zicken at least at the author. For this briefly, the iPhone app has a dozenfach notifications for incoming messages.

That there is massive distances, can also be seen on the full-time statement reports. People around the world have problems. Often there is that only Apple devices are affected. Should be the case, the guess is suggested that Facebook works to fulfill the new tracking protection rules of Apple. However, there are also Android users who report on disturbances. Facebook has not changed so far.

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