Exhaust standard euro 7: vda sees no combustion ban more

Exhaust standard Euro 7: VDA sees no combustion ban More

The German automotive industry has to acute no longer acute that combustion cars in the EU will be banned in fact. After a meeting of the fine exhaust standard Euro 7 stated working group have shown that "The EU Commission accepts the limits of the technically feasible", She got from "unreachable goals adopted", said Hildegard Muller, Praider of the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA).

The VDA is involved in the Advisory Group on Vehicle Emission Standards (AGVES) of the EU Commission, which has now introduced its recommendations for Euro 7 (PDF). The result was that previous planes of the EU Commission had not been feasible. The VDA had protested against this in November 2020.

For example, it has been shown that starting on the mountain with pendant with the same low exhaust values such as normal driving on the landing strain did not allow the VDA to succeed. The planned conversion of the measuring system to without exception all times in use had a factual prohibition of the internal combustion engine. The EU proposal had prevented that the latest and cleanest auto-generation can come to the market, instead old cars had been dangerous.

"Very clean"

The consortium Clove from European Experts from Science and Economics and Economics founded by EU Commission in 2005 have found the current Euro 6D vehicles as very clean, the VDA succeeds. The most modern cars already undercut the current limits of the Euro 6D standard by a multiple. Euro 7 should therefore be an achievable further development of Euro 6D.

"The new proposals for reducing pollutant emissions are first association by a factor of 5 to 10 sharp than Euro 6", blessed Muller. The proposals continued to move on the border of what is technically accessible.

However, your industry must continue to be careful that the internal combustion engine will not be disappointed by Euro 7. Not the engine is a problem for the climate, but the fossil fuel. Therefore, the supply of synthetic fuels from renewable energy sources – so-called E-Fuels – are pushed. This moves the VDA on the same line as the ADAC and the automotive club of Germany.

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