Europol: mafia does not use the net much

According to Europol’s organized Crime Situation Report of 2000 organed crime is not involved in high-tech crime

HIGH TECHNOLOGY CRIME DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE THE WORK OF ORGANED CRIME GROUPS. That’s The Conclusion of Europol in The Organed Crime Situation Report of 2000.

According to the European Police Organization, organized Crime Groups in The European Union Are Not Engaged in High Technology Crime Like Attacks on Computer Networks. Europol Thinks That Is BECAUSE The Potential for Causing Harm Or Mischief Is Easier to Lake Than Their Potential Use for Profit. ‘Ther Is Little Or No Involvement Of Organized Crime In Search Types of Computer Crime AS The Sporthing of Viruses, Denial of Service Attacks, Or Hacking,’ The Report States.

ONLY IF Thesis Of Computer Crime Can Be Used For Exturing Purposes Or, IF Data Can Be Extracted, Search as Payments Card Details, Which Can Be Used Fraudulently, Computer Crime Can Be Attractive For Organized Crime.

Europol Further States That Child Pornography On The Internet is Still Dominated by Individuals Or Networks, Which Cannot Be Defined AS Organized Crime Groups. But According to Europol Some Organized Crime Groups Are Attracted By The Field Bease Of The Profits, Which Can Be Made Through The Distribution of Child Pornographic Material.

However, Organized Crime Is Using It Tools to Increasing Extent To Commit Their Crimes and AS A Means to Cover Up Their Actions Or Criminal Proceeds, Europol States. Therefore Organed Crime Groups Are Hiring Computer Experts.

In The Chapters on The Situation in The Member States There is Some Mentioning of the Use of It Tools Or Modern Communication Methods by Organized Crime. ‘Organized Crime Has Proven to Be Very Skillful in Taking Advantage of the Speed and Anonymity of Modern Forms of Communication,’ Austria for Instance Concludes. ‘This Fast Advancing Area Requires Continued Alertness Both On the Part Of The Legislator And Law Enforcement And Justice Authorities."

Belgium Reports The Use of A Code Language By Criminal Groups, And The Use Of ‘Special Transmission Methods’ AS A Part Of Technical Counter Measures.

The Netherlands Reports The ‘Digital Permission’ of Criminal Activities by a Criminal Group. The Activity in That Case What The Distribution for Payment of Child Pornographic Material Through The Internet. ‘The Computer Was Therfore a Crucial Instrument in The Permatating of Thesis Crimes,’ The Dutch Conclude.

ACCording To The Chapter On The United Kingdom, The Most Obvious Threat From New Technology Comes From Criminal Misuse of the Internet. But Although It ‘Has To Be Amed That Organed Criminals Are Exploring The Criminal Potential of the Internet, IF Only As a Means of Communication’, The UK Concludes: ‘The Evidence for this is limited."

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