Eu works on new data retention

EU works on new data retention

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This year, a feasibility study should be completed on a re-importation

The British burger rights organization StaTewatch has one with the secrecy stage "limits" marked document. This on the 27. Marz 2019 Dated paper contains that the EU Council commissioned the EU Commission in the last year to complete a feasibility study by 2019 with proposals for re-importing a data retention. This project had already given up the EU Commission in March 2016.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) had found a first – 2006 Data Storage Directive (ECJ) in April 2014 for fundamental lawyer and unbillion, because it not only demanded at least half-yearly storage of telephone connection and surf data of suspicious, but those of all burger (cf. ECJ explains stock data storage directive for non-creative). The German implementation of this Directive had already cashed the Federal Scarf Court in 2010. After that, among other things, the then Federal Minister of Justice Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (FDP) and ex-Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer (CSU) had prevented a renewed design.

Initiative went from Osterreich federal government

First Heiko Maas (SPD) carried in 2015 a data retention without a European law basis, whose validity the Federal Network Agency 2017 continued to act in advance after a corresponding decision of the Higher Administrative Court Munster 2017 (cf). Federal Network Agency exposes data retention). The German Federal Scarf Court wants to decide on a long-term consciousness against the exposed provision this year.

According to Erich Moechel, according to the initiative for a new Europe-wide data retention of the Easter-rich federal government, which in the last half of the year had the EU Council Prassidence and organized an EU safety summit in Salzburg. At the request of the ORF, the Easter Chancellery only represented its own work on a new data retention, but not the request to the EU Commission. If this submits its feasibility study according to the EU election, a reintroduction Moechels’s association could happen to very sudden, because then in the case of a terrorist attack "a quick solution’" had in the drawer.

Fits to "Digital mapping ban"

His impression "This initiative of the Easter-rich federal government at EU level is seamlessly in national legislation on the communications sector". In this context, among other things, he appointed the last week of Chancellor’s Minister Gernot Blumel (OVP) submitted bill for "Digital mapping ban", of the "Service providers" With more than 100.000 registered Easter-rich users or more than 500.000 Euro sales in Austria The finding and checking of the actual names and addresses of users calls before they are something in forums post or create forums. "Through the technical possibilities that exist on the market", is the blumel view "relatively easy". As an example, it calls the photo ID authentication when unlocking SIM cards.

So that the clear names and addresses can not only be queried by author but also by private individuals "Not in Austria’s accessory service provider" like Facebook or Twitter one "responsible delivery agent" name "immediately" can be reached. This commissioner is also addressee of Bubbeldern, which may judge the regulatory worker Kommaustria if she detects clarification. In case of recurrence, these can grow up to one million euros.

For the reasons of the prescription, it is called in the template, one "Fooled distance in the digital world" kink "Accept awards that are unacceptable". That’s why you want "Exposure burrs, descendants, shelters and overrides in digital space […] effectively legal legislation" and prevent someone "hidden in the anonymity of the Internet". That calls the "Respectful handling of posters in online forums with each other" and easier the "Persecution of legal request in case […] illegal postings". This opinion is not only Blumel, but also his boss Sebastian short, which supplemented on Twitter, the Internet thirst "No right-free space" and you need there "Framing conditions for more responsibility" (see. "Digital mapping ban"To).

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