Escape debate: pragmatic adoption of the spd to seehofer?

Fleet Debate: Pragmatic Adjustment of the SPD to Seehofer?

Asylum seekers in the collection accommodation in Munchen. Picture from 1993; Photo: Andreas Beansthel / CC by 3.0

In the absence of own concepts, SPD politicians are separate with the idea "Recording and jerking centers" for migrants from Balkans

SPD politician pay attention to distance to the Seehoferen escape diebatten pragle "Asylum abuse". But his proposals get peu à peu approval. Exemplary to see about the statements of the ruling Berlin burger master Michael Muller to set up the idea of the CSU chairman, separate reception centers for immigrants from Balkanlanders.

Somewater, Muller explains the basic idea in the interview with the Germany radio for "Surely1 comprehensible and correct". His burial is not different in the core of Seehofer’s arguments.

Better administration: "Faster and more accurate"

Also Muller finds that the distinction between immigrants with a good idea perspective and those who "Do not have a real chance to stay long" From administrative reasons is correct. "Faster and more accurate" Hange the keywords of his association. The keyword served by the questioner "Stigmatization" Due to such separate recording bearings Muller encounters with the necessary concerns, but to talk again to the benefits:

Everyone, of course, has a right to a proper examination of his situation. It can not be achieved alone by the recording situation, the initial recording, already a deterrent effect. But in the initial recording one can certainly be very targeted and very quickly distinguisher, who has a perspective here and who does not. And that’s good for those affected.

For the CSU party colleagues Seehofers, Alois Gluck, this procedure is not only good, but even "Christian", Because honestly, as the Prasident of the Central Committee of German Catholics declared: the escape lingen can not be false hopes. Why do the CSU also want to make the stay possible unpleasant, as the Focus reported?

Fleet Debate: Pragmatic Adjustment of the SPD to Seehofer?

Asylum seekers in the collection accommodation in Munchen. Picture from 1993; Photo: Andreas Beansthel / CC by 3.0

Such indispositions of God’s blessing give SPD politicians to the reception centers for quick deportation – Bayern calculated with four to six weeks – not. They argue pragmatic, like Olav Scholz: "It’s about faster, uncessional decisions". And go to a distances to the wording of Seehofers: "It is arranged that the Martial Tones from Bavaria overlap the common concern."

Previously, the escape legislation of the federal and SPD member Aydan Ozoguz Seehofer’s idea had already "meaningful" evaluated and captivated a lot of emport. But that could change.

Accommodation also at the attitude to the question of "Secure countries of origin"

Taking the attitude of SPD politicians, which are for the classification of the Lander Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro as "Safe country of origin" Pronounce, the impression that the Social Democrats also participate in the subject of migrants of the Union.

You could only make a difference about better concepts of recording that are also practical. And they currently do not have the social democrats in Petto, which can also be recognized at the growing consent to Seehofer’s planning.

Although the number of persons looking for inclusion in Germany is still relatively small compared to what quantities of escape strikes the neighboring countries absorb crisis states, but the lawsuits of the countries, municipalities, the city and municipality determine the political absorption – and the decision of the Wahler.

Seehofer continues to turn

Meanwhile, Seehofer prints rhetorically on the tube: "The federal government must be much problem-conscious. The whole apparatus has to grow. Out of the dream factory, pure in the realitate." Who now rushes on Bayern’s course, show without solutions, "is the first random candidate when the reality uses us".

In a non-unopbitiary cabinet meeting he should "Dramatic measures" spoken, as a Munchner newspaper reports: escapeons had to get steeped in winter in facilities of the churches. Barracks and public institutions had to "If necessary confiscated" will.

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