Electric cars: federal government no longer sees fire hazards than burners

Electric cars: Federal government no longer sees fire hazards than burners

"From the point of view of the Federal Government, there is currently no high fire potential for electric vehicles than on vehicles with conventional internal combustion engine." This comes from a response of the Federal Government to a small request of the FDP Group in the Bundestag.

This had multiplied in their request, the federal government ignore their "Unilateral demand of the electromobility" so far that every technology has specific fields of application in which it is the best choice. Also, every technique bring a few with it.

In recent years, fire integers have become known with electric cars, through which the FDP provides uncertainty in case of fire and lack of certifications in the fire brigades that should be eliminated as quickly as possible. Brande of e-cars should be just as safe and routinely deleted as those of vehicles with gasoline and diesel engines

"E- and burner motors in a similar evaluation"

The Federal Government returns in her answer (PDF), fire protection and even when avoiding Branden, both techniques should be considered. Regardless of the drive technology and the energy used, a vehicle approved in Germany will require the legal requirements that guaranteed a highly safety.

The question of the FDP, whether there are special certifications and to what extent fire brigade and police are prepared for dealing with burning of electric vehicles, notes the Federal Government, the training of fire brigades and rescue fees is the responsibility of countries, municipalities and municipalities. The Federal Government also refers to its state of security, including the protection of the wastewater system from hazardous substances, as they could be released from electric cars.

"Better statistics up-like"

Carsten-Michael Pix, speaker for fire brigade questions at the German Fire Brigade Association, had succeeded a year ago against our site a year, there are no central training, in which it goes among other things around the fire of electric cars. Experience was for example on specialist magazines or at the 24.000 fire brigade locations passed on in individual training.

The most important E-cars

Electric cars: Federal government no longer sees fire hazards than burners

Audi q4 e-tron peak power 125 – 220 kW continuous power 70 or. 77 kW battery capacity gross 55 kWh (Q4 E-TRON 35) or. 82 kWh max. Charge power DC 100 kW (Q4 E-TRON 35) or. 125 kW (at certain ionity charging points) max. Charging power AC 7.2 kW (E-TRON 35) or. 11 kW range (WLTP) 306 km (E-TRON 35 min.) To 520 km (E-Tron 40 max.) Electricity consumption (WLTP combined) 17.0 (E-TRON 35 min.) Up to 20.1 kWh / 100 km (e-tron 40 max.) Highest speed: 160 (E-TRON 35) or. 180 km / h trunk volume: 520 – 1490 liter basic prices (gross, status: July 2021): 41.900 to 53.600 euros

The Federal Government means that statistical basics to Branden as to the causes, effects and the respective vehicle technology must be further improved. The charging infrastructure for electromobility applies as energy systems and electrical systems. These are to be built and operate that the technical safety is guaranteed. This also applies to the loading infrastructure, which was built by means of demand or will.

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