Dying on advise: how the coal outlet should look like

Dying on advise: how the coal outlet should look like

The word "historical" Often it was allowed to fall on this Friday – if the Bundestag and Bundesrat, which were at the latest for the charcoal in Germany until the year 2038. However, it depends on the perspective. Coal-Lander get a long transition phase and billions aid for structural change, power plant operators high reductions. The Federal Government sees itself internationally as a pioneer, because Germany exudes from nuclear power until 2022. The environmental associations are very different, which of one "historical mistake" speak. The coal exit comes to Spat and bring the climate too little. An overview.

Faster coal outward

Carbon power plants are gradually taken from the network anyway. Actually, however, only the spades of 40s have been concluded for coal streaming. This is now to be preferred for FURS climate. Nevertheless, a lot of electricity from coal-fired power plants – although the okostrom content in Germany is steadily rising. When lignite becomes electricity, there is a lot of climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2). A commission used by the Government of the economy, politics, trade unions and environmentally associations had agreed in early 2019 that the exit for the latest should be completed by 2038 – but at that time that was too slow to the environmental links.

Exit to rates

The aim of the coal exit law is to be the achievement of coal in Germany to spat at the end of the year 2038 – if it is possible to gradually reduce up to zero. This reduces emissions and climate goals are achieved. The law now provides a timetable until when how much gigawatts of brown and hard coal streams are reduced, at the beginning of 2020, this happens especially in the Rhenish Revier. During the coal outward exit, in the next few years, the power supply is always checked whether the power supply is secured and what consequences has the exit to the electricity prices – this is rising, reliefs are intended, the economy had been planned.

But the FURS Klima is enough? Environmental association say: no, by far not. "Greenpeace will continue together with the entire climate movement at this and the next government for the end of coal combustion to spater at least 2030", Says sports drivers Martin Kaiser and speaks of one "Pseudo coal outward". Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) domiciled with regard to the exit path: "I went that we have Hanger in the mid-20s." Overall, however, be the coal outward "Whole, very important step".

Deflections for power plant operators

For brownohle corporations such as RWE, billion reductions are planned for premature switching off of power plants, it should give a contract between the Federal Government and Business. Helps should also get operators of hard coal power plants. The coalition had been agreed on the last printer on new billion-densely demanding requests to change power plants, such as gas or use of biomass or hydrogen. In addition, high reductions are provided for decommissioners.

Helps for coal regions

Thousands of jobs in the Rhineland and in East Germany – in Lausitz and in the Mitteldeutsche Revier – at the coal. So that structural breaks are avoided, the federal government is its casket: planned to help 2038 a total of 40 billion euros, which should help the coal regions in North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony and Brandenburg when reconstruction of their economy and the expansion of the infrastructure. The rough fear: entire regions could otherwise be paid economically.

For the aids, on the one hand, direct financial assistance of the federal government for important investments of coal-Lander and its communities of up to 14 billion euros. The second coarse balancing of 26 billion euros are maws that lie in the state of the federal government – for example new railways or strain. This should make the regions more attractive as locations.

In addition, new federal agents or research institutes are planned – so that new companies settle. The vision is that the old coal regions "Model regions" for future-proof technologies. Whether that works? The funds go to the Lander in a key, planned is still a Bund-Lander Agreement.

Help for coal dome

None of the coal buddy should "Mountain-free" fall, like the boss of the mining union IG BCE, Michael Vassiliadis, says. That’s why it’s supposed to give a close-up safety net, for example with a billion-heavy adhesive money for worked from 58 years, which surveys the time until pensions, as well as a compensation of pension pits. But the gross question is: it works that well-paid replacement workplaces arise?

(Acceptance) requirement of renewable energies

In addition to the success of the structural change, from the point of view of many experts, it is now above all on "Entry plan" To formulate how Vassiliadis says – namely for the currently fallowing expansion of renewable energies from the sun or wind power and for the expansion of the power grids, which transport the wind stream produced mainly in the north into the south. But often there is resistance to new wind farms on land or electricity pylons, so the Federal Government now wants to increase acceptance. In addition, future technologies such as the "grunge" Hydrogen is driven forward.

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