Dwarf balgering: daihatsu cuore, kia picanto and vw up

Dwarf balgering: daihatsu cuore, kia picanto and vw up

Hair, 6. August 2012 – These three minimalists are nothing for autofans, especially for a lot of spab, a lot of sports or a lot of comfort. On the other hand, the 3.50 meter cars are cars that can afford to carry themselves reliable from A to B and those who want to counteract with a car possible little ballast. The youngest candidate of our comparison is the small VW with the optimistic name up!, whose exclamation mark from now on. Also torn is the Kia Picanto with a fleeted look and an impressive seven-year warranty. And finally a classic: the "unbreakable" Daihatsu Cuore Mimt the minimum minimalist, which unfortunately will not give much long.

Very different dwarfs

The Cuore has proven to be very reliable about decades, still has to give way, because from 2013 the Japanese brand is drawn from the German market. Repair and service should remain secured. First, let’s take a look at the design of our Comparative Strios: functional-factually the VW Up, without unnecessary optical gapes. Especially in Weib he reminds of Apple products. Kia, however, conjures up a lot of dynamics to the Picanto. While the tail is well suited, the front area looks too powerful a trail. Such an appearance is the Daihatsu Cuore completely alien, here is the interaction of narrow vehicle width with gross high for a defensive note.

Inner coars

The first impression does not: At 3.47 meters, the Daihatsu is significantly short than the seven centimeter Langere VW, the KIA is even fetched with 3.59 meters twisted centimeter than the Cuore. Interesting is the view of the width: Here the Cuore plays with only 1.47 meters of the Schmalhans, during the up with 1.64 meters aim. In between is the Picanto with 1.59 meters. All in all, great amounts for the city, which is especially suitable for Daihatsu. Now one could think that the Japanese stood at the interior, but far-missed: Although since 2007 has been on the market, his space is still better today, especially in the rear. The Cuore is offerfully offered with additional rear trees, which also almost open at right angles. This is conveniently reached the second row. The clou: it is slidable, also the leaning can be adjusted in the inclination. This has the choice between opulent legroom in the rear or a plus the trunk. Depending on the position of the bank, between 160 and 215 liters are possible, the volume is expanded to extends to 414 liters. At the front, drivers and passenger but too high, between the door and arm is hardly any place. Positive: The narrow-building dashboard ensures a good legroom of the co-pilot. Unfortunately, the command center can not hide her age, cheap and triste hard plastic overshades the simple operation.

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