Devops: progress assumes boss

Devops: Progress ames boss

The US software company Progress superspire for $ 220 million boss, manufacturer of a established configuration management tool. The transaction paid with cash should go within the next 30 days over the bean. After completing the transaction, progress will focus on the business model and the product master plan of boss.

Progress has a history of almost over forty years in areas such as application and cloud-based software development and databases (Progress OpenEdge). In addition, the approximately 1500 employees in 2014 with Telerik a manufacturer in particular of .Net and JavaScript tools.

Important company of the Devops scene

Chief, on the other hand, was grounded for eleven years ago around its central product, the same name configuration management tool,. The company is still one of the central drivers of the Devops and DevSecops movement. DevSecops integrates DevoPs with security practices and the "Security as code"-concept.

The boss software has been completely under the Apache License 2 since last year.0. Around them, their manufacturer has several offers such as Chef Enterprise Automation Stack, Chef Infra, Chef Inspec, Chef Habitat, Chief Compliance and Chef Desktop. Competitors of boss are puppet, SaltStack and Red Hats Ansible. In 2015, boss had taken the German company Vulcanosec, whose product was to Inspect.

An atmospheric image at the oversight give the blog news from Barry Crist, CEO of boss, and Yogesh Gupta, CEO at Progress.

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