Development environment: plug-in for swarm programming of jetbrains available

Development environment: Plug-in for Swarm programming of JetBrains available

JetBrains has officially released the plug-in code with me. The extensions for work in the team stand ready for numerous IDes of the Czech toolman. It allows joint work to projects and integrates audio and video communications. Code with me aims among others on Pair and Swarm programming to work together on the code. In addition, interactive courses can be implemented.

The Early Access version had published JetBrains in September 2020. At the 2021.1-Releases of Development Environments Intellij Idea (Community and Ultimate), WebStorm, Pycharm (Community and Professional), Clion, PHPStorm, Goland and Rubymine Guide the plug-in already included.

The connection runs standard over the servers at JetBrains. Code with me for the project data sets an end-to-end cap. Alternatively, with the Enterprise package, a purely internal communication is possible without any data left the private network. To host a joint meeting, a JetBrains IDE is required, but the guest access works on a slender web client without a full-fledged development environment.

Program in pairs or in the swarm

Before the guests can join the preserved link of a session, the host must confirm the participation. Afterwards, the code can be edited in a different way depending on the scenario in a different way. For pair programming, both Full SYNC Mode, which allows joint work to make the same code section, as well as the mutual over the shoulder look over Follow.

Development environment: Plug-in for Swarm programming of JetBrains available

When working together at the source code, code with me shows who changes amendments.

Who puts on Swarm programming, can work with multiple gastles synchronized. In this case, all at the same time edit the code. The host can start the debugger and share the results with the other. For remote workshops or lesson, a pure follow-mode makes sense, where the guests are pure spectators.

Three licenses, three participants, three minutes

During the preview phase, the plug-in was free, and the release offers JetBrains three models. The community plan is free, but limited to 30 minutes and three guests per session. There is no monthly limit so that theoretically, many semi-sized sessions can take place in succession.

The Premium Plan costs 5 euros per month or 50 euros per user for personal use and allows you to invite up to 50 gastles at an unlimited meeting. For organizations, the price is 10 or 100 euros. The enterprise variant offers optional local servers and allows sessions with up to 100 gastles. The price is 400 euros per user and year.

Further details can be found in the JetBrains blog. The contribution also places the medium-term planning, which aims among other ids such as AppCode, Rider and DataGrip. In addition, the Plug-in Artist with Android Studio is working together on Intellij Idea. In addition, a connection is planned for the education variants for universities, internships and other teaching classes Intellij IDEA EDU and Pycharm EDU. Finally, a complete remote development is still on the plan in which a server manages the source code and the tooling and worms for processing.

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