Development environment: phpstorm 2020.2 is ready for php 8

Development environment: PHPStorm 2020.2 is ready for PHP 8

From the programming language PHP, the eighth major version should appear at the end of the year 2020. JetBrains prevents its development environment PHPSTorm now on new features such as Union Type. The current version of PHPStorm 2020.2 In addition to support for PHP-8 features, an extended connection to the version management with Github or Git in the luggage.

Git (Hub) connection and problem landscape

Like ubrow, some changes in several of the IDes regularly updated by JetBrains. Among other things, the 2020.2 versions on improved connection to GIT or GITHUB. Like the already superparent IDES WebStorm and Intellij Idea, PHPStorm also obtains a separate window for Pull Requests. If you have the right permissions, you can use change from the IDE or assign team members.

All development environments also bring in version 2020.2 two new windows for searching and resolving errors and warnings with. The new problem Tool Window lists the errors and warnings for the file considered in the editor with inscribed descriptions. Right-click on the mouse jumps to the respective line, and with old | Return can be solved the problems one after the other. Also new is the Inspection Widget, which displays the number of errors or warnings in the current file and the navigation over the problems found.

Support for features of PHP 8

Union type are an integral part of the upcoming PHP version. PHPSTORM 2020.2 is prepared accordingly. So far, Union Types over PHPDoc could be implemented. With the current version these uses are now highlighted. With ALT + ENTER you can convert to Native Union Type. This process is possible where union types are used, for example, Function arguments, ruckfill types and properties.

PHPSTORM 2020.2 can work with nullable types and recognize duplicates and redundancies in Type combinations beyond. To activate the new features of PHP 8 there are three options. On the one hand, the developer can use the Quick-Fix Alt + Enter directly in the code editor. Developers give the required PHP version in Composer.JSON on, the IDE takes over these settings automatically.

New engine for the control flow implemented

The current version of the IDE leads a new Control Flow Engine. This allows complex code paths to be analyzed. In addition, the possibility to recognize whether the condition in an IF-ELSE block is comprehensible or redundant. In addition, with a new action (type info) can be displayed derived type of the selected expression. When programming, developers and developers can view an expression and with the key combination CTRL + SHIFT + P or the MENUOPTION view | Type info Query the type of expression. Version 2020.2 detects beyond when a variable is always zero. If this is the case, the IDE indicates how to simplify the expression to obtain clearer code.

Further information about PHPStorm 2020.2 can be found in the envisivity contribution. The current version of the IDE is available for testing 30 days free of charge. PHPSTORM 2020.2 Launch the official website as well as the JetBrains Toolbox app.

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