Developer conference: the first 100 tickets of the autumn campus 2021 are free

Developer Conference: The first 100 tickets of the autumn campus 2021 are free

Also 2021 it will "only" give an online edition of the traditional autumn campus. The 2009 launched at corporate developer, which is committed to usual in the Th Nurnberg, will now be found on the 15th. September 2021 Over the online conference platform Venueless instead. It is currently subdivided into six topics with three partitions and a discussion round on the topics of software architecture, containerization, Java, API development, infrastructure AS code as well as teamwork and further development.

Participants and participants would get around 20 forwards as well as many opportunities for interacting with each other – especially in the evening after the Keynote lecture by Carola Lilienthal a virtual Get-Together is planned. With the concept, the organizers want – heise developer, ix and dot.publisher – Play the communicative nature of on-site expenses. All forwards are recorded and thus the participants are also available in departure. Concrete information about the presentation is available in the program inspection.

Hurry now and book for free

Who chooses Fruh for a registration can even participate free of charge at the conference. Because the first hundred tickets go out alone for the indication of personal data, which can then be passed on to sponsors. However, the option is available, in the course of the early July book relays for only 49 euros (all prices plus. VAT,) to participate in the conference without sponsors receive the data.

Not enough, there is a possibility to follow yourself in several full-year workshops. Topics are:

  • Domain-driven design from the vision to the code: Functional domain modeling (8. September)
  • Understand organizations for software architect: inside (17. September)
  • Isolated integration tests – test container Kickstart (20. September)
  • With Terraform in three steps to the running Spring boot web application in the AWS Cloud (23. September)
  • Modern software architecture documentation (24. September)

The all-day workshops cost 449 euros. If you liked participating in the team, you can benefit from group discounts on request.

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