Deefake: warner bros. “Personalized” film advertising

Deefake: Warner Bros'personalisiert' filmwerbung'Personalisiert' filmwerbung

Everyone can now take a picture of themselves (or someone else) with defake technology in a trailer to the new movie "Reminiscence" from Warner Bros. let cut. On a company’s website D-IDs, a photo can be uploaded that a Ki built into a video. The personalized video can be downloaded later.

Creation of Deefakes with just one photo

The company D-ID has begun as a startup, which wanted to protect people from facial recognition. According to the News Website Protocol, the Grunders had found that the same technology will be used to improve deefakes. DEEFAKES are videos where a face of someone is put on the body of someone else. To create the personalized video using the website FURS Film Marketing, only a photo is needed.

In the film "Reminiscence" It’s about Nick Bannister (Hugh Jackman), one "Private detective of the mind", the client helps to access lost memories. Everything is changing for him when he receives a new client. From the 26. August should the movie be seen in German cinemas.

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