De maizière: reduce the number of migrants from the balkans drastically

The Minister of the Interior wants to check pocket money for asylum seekers and an extension of the category of the secure country of origin

Federal Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière (CDU) wants to disclose the shepherds in the case of cash requirements according to the asylum seeker performance law. The question of how to deal with the pocket money for asylum seekers in a high level of 143 euros (for single legal entitlements), must without such leather valves, which are used pictorially for one-sided seeing.

Tighten the FAZ clearly understand that "check" a shy wording is because brief is meant. Since Labor Minister Nahles recently emphasized that they retention on the pocket money even for escapeons from safe routes of origin, an open entry for shorts coalition policy is not opportune.

The most important thing is the number of escapeons from the states of the Western Balkan "dramatically reduce", said de Maizière. 40 percent of asylum seekers came to the states of this region, that was "unacceptable" and a "Shame for Europe", so the interior minister already a little less shy at his wording.

What exactly de Maizière says with the shame is unclear. To suspect is that in the southeast of Europe "Homeworks are not done". The co-responsibility of the richer landers for miserable economic situations remains unabated as always (link to 45082).

De Maizière News opposes the conservative newspaper the debate for an extension of the category of the safe country of origin, it is mainly about Kosovo and Albania. As soon as there is a majority in the Bundestag, he will immediately make a bill for this.

Serbia is, like Ejr Macedonia as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, is already classified as a secure country of origin. Nevertheless, many asylum seekers come from the country to Germany, which is why the Federal Interior Minister broken down to faster deportations.

In connection with migrants from Serbia, De Maizière refers to Hungary, which benefits a lot of Serbian escape lots as a through country. Addressed to the fence, which Hungary is built on the border with Serbia (Hungary’s escape colitik: Hetzen, spelled criminal law and a fence), he said that this was"Not the Europe he imagines". But at the same time he emphasized that Hungary is a Schengen-Aufengrenze, and to secure this.

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