Dangerous luck in nvidia’s jetson computer boards closed

Dangerous luck in Nvidia's JetSon computer boards closed

NVIDIAS Operating System Trusty for its embedded systems Jetson is vulnerable. After successful attacks, attackers were able to stand with increased user rights, accessing silenced information or to paralyze systems via DOS attack.

At JetSon Nano 2 GB, for example, is a Ki platform that is predominantly used in autonomous machines. Thus, programmers can develop, among other things robotics systems.

How to remove a warning message, the developers have a total of 26 security swagen. Of these are nine with the degree of threat "high" classy. The errors can be found in the Linux kernel and HDCP service. As attacks could look concretely, is not known so far. In most cases, attackers could provoke memory errors, which often leads to aburcources or lactic data.

The weak points are the following products:

  • Jetson TX1
  • TX2 Series
  • TX2 NX
  • Agx Xavier Series
  • Xavier NX
  • Nano and Nano 2GB

To secure systems, users should be secured against the attacks described Jetson Linux 32.5.1 Install (Debian Package). All previous versions are NVIDIA assistant.

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