Covid-19: solid show for violation against spacing rule

COVID-19: Solid Show for violation against spacing rule

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Bayern behaved "Outgoing restrictions" [Update]

According to Vienna Police Prosident Gerhard Purstl, about 500 people were now displayed in the Easter-rich capital, because they have violated the one-meter spacer rule adopted because of the Corona Crise. According to them, the police president now threatens a punishment in the high "some hundred euros". Before, the Easter Health Minister Rudolf Answer and the Easter Minister of Interior Karle Nehammer had this distance rule as "Important basic principle" the epidemics marked – and as "Single way, [How] MAN […] avoids Lombard Protections".

The work of the Easter-Rich police has increasingly became increasingly increasingly due to criminals who try to exploit the disease situation. For example, it trusted to provide access to apartments and account information as a disinfectant sale or alleged security measurement provider.

Sodder criticizes mutual invitations of children

In Germany, a non-compliance of the discovery security distance will not be punished so far. The Berlin Burgermeister Michael Muller described it on a joint press conference with his Brandenburg counterpart Dietmar Woidke only as "Infringable, if people do not comply with certain spacers". He "Connet and wool" for this reason "further steps" Like a starting lock "outlaw". As a similar, the Bavarian Minister President Markus Soder, he said he became phenomena like Corona parties "ignore". "If many people do not volunteer", So the middle franze, "Then only the Bavarian-wide starting lock remains the only instrumentation in the end to react to it".

[Update: Meanwhile, the Bavarian Minister Prosident "Outgoing restrictions" confidently, with which the legal situation in Bavaria the "Concept in Austria one adapted to one" shall be. They apply from Saturday zero clock. After that, only for work and urgent errands may be gone out of the house. "Stretched police strips" will control the Bavarian Interior Minister Herrmann (see. "Stay at home!".]

In addition, soders criticized parents, which now invite mutually children to themselves. Such invitations of children do not just pry the anti-epidemic effect of closed schools, day care and playgrounds – they also ensure that the recommended and frequently arranged by company lines work in the home office for the neighbors through the low-lomitization is considerably more difficult or very impossible is made.

Another problem with the shock-like changeover on homework are bottayers in the Internet supply. EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton, who was previously the boss of Atos, has therefore brought the streaming service Netflix to chop his data volume for 30 days for 30 days.

In California, Governor Gavin Newsom has already filed the starting lock, with which Muller only threatens. At the same time, he asked the American Prasident Donald Trump by a billion dollar federal funds for medical care and a hospital ship, which is supposed to support the metropolitan region of Los Angeles from her port.

Chinese and German mistakes

In China, where such starting locks have already been directed in January, these measures were apparently successful. Today, the local authorities did not report the second day in a row no new internal infections. For this, you tested 39 backwards from other parts of the world at your entry positive on the virus. But even in the People’s Republic, they had made massive mistakes at the beginning of the break outbreak. The doctor Li Wenliang, who reported the new virus in the end of December at the end of December, took the police at that time "Broken".

Some politicians in Germany seem little to have learned from this Chinese mistake. If you could do it else right, the virology professor Alexander Kekule has summarized yesterday in a very horeable half-sighted podcast appearance. The same day became known that the Infection Protection Manufacturer Achim Theiler the German Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn already on the 5th. February against threatening bottlenecks in the supply of protective masks and attachments for hospital farmers were warned and asked for immediate action. A response to this was theiler according to.

On the fact that not all politicians are epidemic experts, the numerous infections also indicate in these circles. In the last few days, among other things, it caught the German Grunen Cem Ozdemir and the CDU Chairman of Friedrich Merz, who got his test result tweeted and received much sympathy for that. Under the recovery blesses, however, were also wondering why people like he apparently have no problems to get a test, while he was refused to refuse simple burgers, although there was a case in the daily courage of their children. Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz was even allowed "forecast" test.

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