Corona crisis: numerous doctors rely on videosprecht lessons

Corona crisis: Numerous doctors rely on videosPrecht lessons

Due to the corona crisis, German doctors are now increasingly putting on video patients. Demand has increased with the spread of the virus, said a spokesman for the Casual Association (KBV) opposite C’t. "Arzte tells us that they are now very strong this offer and make their patients aware of it."

In countries such as Sweden or Switzerland, the technique has long been established. In Germany she was hardly used according to KBV until recently. In the first three quarters of the year 2019, the approximately 170.000 Treaty in the Federal Region total only 1400 videosPrechstunde carried out. Young people are not yet available – but the doctor’s representatives now expect a steep increase.

Software for video language hours Report by a veritable boom. Within a day alone from university hospitals, 100 registrations were received, announced on Wednesday of the software concerts CGM with. Peter Zeggel, head of the provider Medical Consultation GmbH, said opposite C’t, you are experiencing straight "An incredible acceptance in doctors and psychotherapists".

The Swedish start-up Kry shared with the number of videosPrecht lessons throughout Europe have been more than doubled since February. With the doctors in close exchange, to be prepared for another onslaught. Numerous companies offer their videos software for free due to the pandemic.

Contagging risk remotely

A central advantage of the technique is undisputed: Arztes can consult their patients without any infectious hazard. However, rich through it in many cases the phone, emphasized a KBV speaker. For example, when it comes to clarifying the next steps when suspected of a corona infection. Via WebCam, however, were a doctor to control the course of wound heals.

The technical providers see other advantages: The patient see a person who does not wear a protective mask, said a CGM speaker. "The person concerned is the confidence that it is really checked for them." Jameda stressed that there were also physicians with children who have to stay at home, talk lesson from home from home. Kryn points to that one can support patients in Quarantae.

Many investigations, however, are simply not possible via video, can not affect a hearing stroke for a virus test. "In many diseases, a direct investigation by the doctor is mandatory", Underlined the KBV speaker.

Time of the doctors is becoming more precious

An important point in the corona crisis is that physical doctors usually do not save time, compared to a consultation in practice. And the time of medical personnel was allowed to become more precious in the next few weeks. "I was personally a concern that is not acute, for the moment on the back", said Katharina young, manager of Teleclinic.

The cost of video terminals are taken over in many cases by the health insurance companies, also from the legal. The providers of the technology had to involve technical and data protection requirements and have certificates, exploited the lace-up association of the statutory health insurance companies (GKV).

For example, the server of the provider’s servers in the European economic area are. The contents of the videosPrechstunde could not be seen by the provider neither viewed nor stored. A list of certified providers has published the KBV (PDF file).

Corona crisis: Numerous doctors rely on videosPrecht lessons

The dispute over the nationwide introduction of an app for the e-recipe is not included yet.

Since April 2019, the videosPrechstunde in principle can be used in all diseases and other terms of treatment. The doctor must decide in individual cases, if a personal contact is noted in addition. Only since October 2019 the billing is also possible with so-called "unknown patients", which were not previously in practice.

So far, the German health system for other e-health topics is not yet: labor uniformity certificates and recipes can not yet be exhausted digitally, there are only a few small pilot projects.

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