Cookie hints are important to users, nerves many but also

Cookie hints are important to users, nerves many but also

Cookie banners meet the users on shared echo: According to an opinion poll of the industry association Bitkom, they feel 46 percent of the respondents as a critical information, but 43 percent are only annoyed by the steady indications. One-third of the respondents take them out for overflowed.

Since the entry into force of the DSGVO websites are obliged to inform users comprehensively on the use of cookies and to provide them for their use of their use. However, BITKOM’s survey returned that 43 percent of respondents do not observe these hints and just click the Menus. 26 percent do not perceive the hints.

"However, the current specifications rather drove that the banners are simply rocked away than that users actually deal with the information", Susanne Dehmel says, member of the BITKOM business. It also criticizes the upcoming EPRIVACY Regulation, which would lead to further clues.

The half-black cookies

52 percent indicate cookies about the browser settings. However, how regularly that happens, the survey is not out. The industry association sees this as proof that internet users consciously deal with cookies.

For the survey, 1005 people over 16 were interviewed by telephone, of which 861 Internet users were.

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