Wolfsburg, 9. July 2013 – The Volkswagen Cars brand gained 2.91 million vehicles to customers worldwide in the first half of the year. That’s as much as ever before in a first half of the year. From January to June 2012 it was still 2.79 million, 2013 were 4.4 percent more.

However, a clear slowdown can be seen: in June VW delivered only more 501.000 cars, that was 0.5 percent more than in June 2012 (498.600). In the first half of the year, Volkswagen passenger cars sold in total Europe 7.1 percent fewer vehicles. Volkswagen calls the situation on the European market in the first six months "tense".

Tense situation in Europe

In contrast, the brand in the first half of the year in the Asia-Pacific region recorded a delivery plan of 17.3 percent and reached 1.28 million vehicles to customers. In China (incl. Hong Kong) were delivered in the same period 1.17 (0.98; +19.4 percent) million units. In India, the sells went to 31.800 (36.400; -12.6 percent) vehicles back.

In the North America region, Volkswagen Cars increased its deliveries by 3.9 percent to 307.000 (295.300) units. Of which were 206.800 (208.700; -0.9 percent) Models Your new owners in the USA. In the Sudamerika region, the sale from January to June went by 7.5 percent to 361.600 (390.900) units back. Of this accounted for 272.100 (293.600; -7.3 percent) Vehicle deliveries on Brazil.

In view of the sales record on the one hand and the mixed numbers, on the other hand, Christian Klingler, Executive Board for Sales and Marketing of the brand VW: "is quite clear that the challenges in the difficult world market, but in particular the significant uncertainties in Europe will also accompany us in the second half of the year."

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