Comprehensive pension view for all on the internet planned

Comprehensive pension view for all on the Internet planned

The Bundesburger is said to receive an official overview of its personal hedging on the Internet on the Internet. The planned portal should include information on the legal, private and operational pension. The Federal Cabinet wants to free the way this Wednesday for the development of such a digital pension view.

Promised in the coalition agreement

The Federal Ministries for Social Affairs and Finance had already announced last year that the burgers can also be viewed on the planned platform and still achieved their already achieved and achievable up to the pension begins – if possible with model calculations. Union and SPD had one "Rentening Information" agreed in the coalition agreement.

So far, there are various carrier for the respective age services that inform about intermediate shape. The German pension insurance supported the intelligence project.

Principlically positive to the project, the economic Council of the CDU, however, did not encourage: the system should be provided by a neutral provider. "Such a site must not pursue its own interests and must be independent of any political influence creating your data", said Wolfgang Steiger, General Secretar of the Economic Council, the German Press Agency in Berlin. "Depending on the political couleur, a federal government of the temptation was based on firing or steaming the fear of old-age poverty."

Still extra

Steiger also criticized that, for example, rental income or investments should remain inocurement. Each burger must also simulate for simulating how much a long-way acquisition increases its pension and, if necessary, lies to the cheeks.

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