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Strong offers on Monday (31.1.) at Lidl: u.a. Massage equipment, hair dryers, painting cases, calligraphy sets, battery-powered staplers, long-sleeved shirts, sweat jackets, socks

Lidl – From Monday (31.1.) holds Lidl There are lots of great offers for you: Everything for your new hobby, products for the bathroom and a large selection of children’s clothing.

You get among other things CRELANDO® painting case for 39,99 Euro*, calligraphy sets for 9,99 Euro* and battery stapler for 19,99 Euro*.

Also on the shelves are Shiatsu foot massagers for 39,99 Euro*, First aid kits for 3,99 Euro* and hairdryers for 19,99 Euro*.

Furthermore you will find girls longsleeve shirts for 4,99 Euro*, Boys Jumper for 8,99 Euro* and cute girls socks for 2,99 Euro*.

All Lidl offers we show in our sliders.

Lidl offers from Monday (31.1.)

Boredom on gray weekends? With this Lidl makes from Monday (31.1.) Stop! Because with a large selection of craft and painting accessories, the next Sunday is guaranteed to be exciting again.

Various application possibilities offers for example this CRELANDO® painting case for 39,99 Euro*.

Other offers:

    for 9,99 Euro*
    for 14,99 Euro*
    for 4,99 Euro*
    for 19,99 Euro*
    for 16,99* instead of 29.99 euros*

From Monday (31.1.): Bath Accessories

Whether feeling good or being useful – Lidl has from Monday (31.1.) everything that should not be missing in a well-stocked bathroom.

This Shiatsu foot massager for 39,99 Euro* is for example pleasant and blood circulation-promoting at the same time.

Other offers:

    for 39,99* instead of 99,95 Euro*

    for 19,99* instead of 34,99 Euro*
    for 3,99 Euro*
    for 19,99 Euro*
    for 19,99 Euro*

From Monday (31.1.): Children’s fashion

At Lidl it will be from Monday (31.1.) heroic: Because then there’s lots of children’s clothing with Hello Kitty, Spiderman and Co.!

Potential to the new favorite piece has among other things this girl long-sleeved shirt for 4,99 Euro*.

Other offers:

    for 7,99 Euro*

    for 2,99 Euro*
    for 4,99 Euro*
    for 8,99 Euro*
    for 9,99 Euro*

From Thursday (3.2.): Living

Beautiful living is very popular this year! Therefore Lidl already starts from Thursday (3.2.) with homely highlights at a low price.

So you get the Livarno Home bathroom dresser “Basel”, with four glass frame drawers for 49,99 Euro*.

Other offers:

    for 14,99 Euro*
    for 14,99 Euro*
    for 19,99 Euro*
    for 15,99 Euro*
    for 9,99 Euro*

From Thursday (3.2.): Kitchen Highlights

New kitchen appliances are needed? Lidl can help there too! Because the discounter sells from Thursday (3.2.) lots of kitchen highlights to conjure up tasty dishes.

Among them for example the Silvercrest Kitchen Tools food processor Profi in the color anthracite for only 99,99 Euro*.

Other offers:

    for 99,99 Euro*
    for 179* instead of 229,99 Euro* t
    for 299* instead of 529 Euro*
    for 349* instead of 729.99 Euro*
    for 39,95* instead of 51,99 Euro*

In the Lidl online offer: Mattresses& Bedding

Great mattresses and bedding Lidl also has to offer! In Lidl’s online offer you can find some practical things for a comfortable bedroom.

For example, you can find a Livarno Home cuddly blanket (150 x 200 cm) for only 9,99* instead of 12,99 Euro*.

More offers:

    for 89,99* instead of 119 Euro*
    for 19.99* instead of 29.95 euros*
    for 12,99* instead of 15,99 Euro*
    for 44.99 euros*
    for 9.99* instead of 14.99 Euro*

Even more offers in the brochure:

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*Due to limited stock, this item may be sold out during the first day of the offer.

1 Valid in all stores. From a total purchase value of 30 euros (excluding tobacco products, magazines, infant formula, books, deposit, CO2 cylinders, phone and voucher cards) you get 5 euros off the purchase value. Coupon redeemable only once. Cannot be combined with other Euro coupons. No cash payment possible.

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